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ELRIC Movie (Part IV)

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  • ELRIC Movie (Part IV)

    Friends and Moorcockistas, it is time to start a new thread as the old one was becoming too long and cumbersome. Berry explained these things some time ago: [broken link]

    So, enjoy this Part 4 and hopefully we'll see many new ideas, suggestions and intriguing questions about the movie we're all waiting for to become reality ..

    The last thread ended here [broken link]
    with Bakkhios' formidable depictions of a Elric-Lemarquis and a Phoorn Dragon.

    And while I'm at it, I might just as well say Jude Law and Salma Hayek again, hehehe
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    I'll agree with Salma Hayek! For anything!

    Oh wait, you were talking about her playing a part in the Elric movie... :D


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      Bak-man, I love those photoshops of yours. I really like the latest Elric-ination, and that feline dragon is... well it's so unique and breathtaking! I think that the dragons should without a doubt be like that. I mean, it's Never been done before! That alone would add a sense of mystical to the movie. I'm done rambling



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        Thanks for the compliments, Enon! :D You really made me blush :oops:...
        But as I said, this whole feline dragon idea is not mine. It seems it's been in the air for quite a while (from the very genesis of the dragon figure maybe?). I just stressed some intrinseque quality of the original figure.
        We've been discussing this a lot with friends and with my cousin, who's a hardcore dragon lover (and... yes, Mister Moorcock, my cousin and I are getting along great! Where did you get that archetypal cousin-feud-idea in the first place? ) and we all agreed on that.
        Especially about Melnibonean dragons and their very feline sleeping habits... Moreover, Melniboneans do have something feline about themselves: another link between Dragons and them?
        And what about Meerclar's special fondness of the Melnibonean Folk?
        And Elric's "dragon nickname", Little Cat?

        By the way, yesterday night I dreamt of myself meeting a legion of cats... can't remember what we mewed about, though.
        Ok, I'm done rambling too!
        “Because,” she said, “there are better dreams.” - the Sea Lady (H.G. Wells)


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          Was everyone aware that the dragons of Melnibone were modelled after cats? Especially the dragon in Michael Moorcock's Multiverse. In the Prince Valiant-ish part of the story, Flamefang is lanking over a structure, well, like a cat. It also explains why the dragons sleep so much... this is not a joke.
          The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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            Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
            Was everyone aware that the dragons of Melnibone were modelled after cats?
            I hadn't the faintest clue, but now you make the connection with their extended naps, it does make a little more sense... luckily my copy of Multiverse is near the top of the pile so I can nip up to see for myself in a little while. Of course, knowing how much Mike enjoys his felines, I'm not surprised that Elric's "brother" should have such a model... perhaps in the film, they could use actual cats dressed as lizards for the dragon scenes? It would certainly give the film a distinctive look... and we all know that CGI is for wimps! :)

            Also, I say yes to Salma Hayek... for the film, and in general. Yes, yes, yes!
            "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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              Well it was kind of obvious... but I'm relieved to know it was not just my cat-loving enfevered brains who made me see dragons that way!

              Salma Hayek??? Yes, yesssss... Though some might say she might be getting a little long in the tooth to play teenager; she still might be a nice Zarozinia, what do you think? :D
              “Because,” she said, “there are better dreams.” - the Sea Lady (H.G. Wells)


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                Paul Bettany will play an albino... in Da Vinci Code. :?

                Bettany is Silas in The Da Vinci Code

                Source: Variety
                May 27, 2005

                Paul Bettany (Wimbledon, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) will play the albino fanatic, Silas, in director Ron Howard's The Da Vinci Code.

                Bettany joins Tom Hanks, Jean Reno, Audrey Tautou, Ian McKellen and Alfred Molina in the Columbia Pictures thriller. The adaptation of Dan Brown's bestseller starts filming next month for a May 19 release date.


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                  Originally posted by Ciboule
                  Paul Bettany will play an albino... in Da Vinci Code. :?
                  Well, I suppose he has to do something to earn a living while he's waiting for آ«Stormbringerآ» to be cast...



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                    Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
                    Was everyone aware that the dragons of Melnibone were modelled after cats? ...
                    Heck, no. :oops:

                    But I guess that'd make Jhary a Conel's winged cat, Whiskers, the Multiversal analogue to the firelizards in McCaffrey's books... ?



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                      Originally posted by DeeCrowSeer
                      ... knowing how much Mike enjoys his felines ...
                      As do M. John Harrison and Tad Williams... at least, they have both written novels with feline protagonists (Mike under the pseudonym of Gabriel King, with Jane Johnson). Does Mike have an ambition in this regard? Or is the stigma of Richard Adams too great a barrier?



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                        Originally posted by Enonimis
                        ... that feline dragon is... well it's so unique and breathtaking!
                        Very nice indeed, Bakkhios. But...

                        Just a couple of suggestions that might improve its anatomical verisimilitude:
                        • Make the tail more feline/mammalian... Maybe use some flying mammals - say a sugar glider - as a model.

                          Have the wing mebrane join the dragon's flank further along the body - at least as far back as the pelvis, if not further... look at bats.



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                          Cats = Cool

                          Cats + Dragons = Extremely Cool :D


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                            Googling cat and dragon turns up not a few feline dragons (but also some ordinary-looking dragons and cats (some winged)), including - f'rinstance - this one by Jon Vermilyea (not as graceful as Bakkhios's).

                            (from Elfwood)

                            Bakkhios, is your dragon scaly? (Are Mike's?) If it is feline, then its scales should resemble an armadillo's or a pangolin's, no?


                            PS. I found the larger Phoorn dragon image and it does appear to be scaly, but in a reptilian - serpentine? - way.

                            PPS. A pangolin is also known as a scaly anteater. But I still like 'em.


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                              Hmmmm, nice .... but Dee's and my Cat-dragon would look a little more like Audrey Tautou or Salma Hayek, you know.
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