Acting is a dying art and actors are an endangered species.

Has anyone considered CGI as the vehicle for the Elric movie? Many of the programs required for such an undertaking exist in desktop applications and are quite affordable (300 US to a few thousand US). There already exists a vast talent pool sharing ther skills for next to nothing (check out the DAZ site or Renderosity for a quick peek).

Face it. If Elric goes the conventional route, all the money goes to a bunch of A-list actoids, some pasty-faced type with a masters degree in accounting, a bad comb-over and a serious case of intellectual near-sightedness hands the screenplay to a bunch of Hollywood hack writers (who'll work cheap) and the Elric movie winds up swirling down the porcelain altar.

Doubt my prophetic vision? Read Ursala Le Guin's "A Wizard of Earthsea" and then go watch SCIFI's wretched adaptation.