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Elric Movie

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    Boorman's "Excalibur" is
    a good reference for
    an Elric movie.
    It's dramatic; it's epic


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      Check out Rufus Sewell as well, he was the leading actor in Dark City! I believe he has this cold, dark look we're looking for...
      I agree. I've only seen Sewell in the recent BBC drama "Charles II: The Power and the Passion" and now I can't help but picture Elric after his likeness.

      His portrayal was powerful, aloof, decadant and he'd make a great action man. He oozed charisma in the role. He also plays the bad guy in "A Knight's Tale" which I believe Mr. Moorcock has seen.


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        Thanx Sparhawk for agreeing with me in this! Many people disliked Sewell in Dark City because he was not so 'charming' let's say, or cos of his distant look. But Elric is somehow like that! An anti-hero is needed, that gives us a feeling he hides within him more than he shows. And Sewell is a good recommendation.

        Jerico, indeed, Excalibur is a good reference. Combined with Braveheart's sorrow, LOTR's grandeur, Dark City's despair, Gladiator's well directed scenes and you got a good flavor of an Elric movie!


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          Rusell Sewell

          I liked Sewell in Dark City and in A Knight's Tale, but I must say I could see him more as Yrkoon than Elric.

          I'm kind of surprised that most are suggesting relatively older actors. Am I the only one who pictures Elric as being in his 20s for the first film?


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            I suppose for the first film Elric will be significantly younger than in the second film; perhaps Mr. Moorcock's recommendation for Jack Ryder (though I have yet to warm to the idea after Eastenders, though I understand he played Titus in a BBC adaption of Mervyn Peake's Titus Alone).

            For the remaining two I would love to see Sewell. In Charles II he got a variety of scenes that reminded me of Elric; some slightly tripped out scenes of kingly pleasures, womanising, fencing, verbal sparring and he had the role of a powerful leader.

            He has the physique, lean and tall yet subtly muscled, and his cheeks have a rather sunken look to them. He looked the part.

            I've had some thoughts concerning the scape of the proposed trilogy and thought this might be a good way of going about it:

            Film One: Merging of Elric of Melnibonأ© and The Dreaming City; Elric's year long sojurn in the Kingdoms could be forced, occuring right after Yyrkoon's betrayal on The Son of Pyaray, allowing elements from the other books of that time period to be incorporated.

            Film Two: A veritable mish-mash of elements from all the books strung together to form a new story. Some ideas:
            Gaynor- Main villain
            Theleb Kaarna- Suboardinate
            Zarozinia- A medley of some of the more interesting Elric girls; Kings in Darkness as opener?
            Elric-Yishana-Zarozinia triangle?

            Film Three: Stormbringer.

            What do you all think?


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              Once again I agree with you Sparhawk...! I believe the stories should be put in a chronological order, as Elric travels around the world. But I definitely believe that the "While The Gods Laugh" story should be added in the script. It uncovers many universal mysteries but in the end we find ourselves having more questions needing answers...Shaarilla is a great character, one of my favourites, and in general it's one of the most tragic and dramatic stories in the whole saga.

              As for the actor, I believe he shouldn't be a different one from one movie to another. Coz doing that, we will lose whatever connection created between us and Elric from the first movie and we'll have to get used to his 'new face & look' all over again. And to tell you the truth I believe it would be better the whole movie trilogy plot to take place in a few years time so we won't have to see Elric young, Elric middle-aged and then who knows how the original version will be twisted?


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                I don't think there should be three different actors; I was thinking more of a changeover between the first two films. I think we should see Elric in a state of constant character evolution:

                First film: Younger actor, reflecting on Elric's comparitive innocence and philosophical soul at this point in life.

                Second film: Older actor, to reflect the change in Elric since the he accepted the Black Sword's evil. In his actions he'd be utterly reckless and be covered in scars to reflect his recent disregard for his own life.

                Third film: Same actor as film two, much calmer attitude, reflective of Zarozinia's influence, cold charisma at all time high.


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                  Rufus Sewell could be a great Elric as well as Jack Ryder, Paul Bettany, and if they need an A - List actor for the part (that meaning only box office draw) Jude Law could certainly have the Elric look.


                  • #84
                    Hello Mike

                    Glad to see you approved of my choice of paul bettany as elric.. I saw him first in a fil ganster no.1...and he has all the broading qualities for the role of the white wolf.

                    I hope you credit me with the choice and await cheque in the post!!...ha,ha


                    • #85
                      Originally posted by byaself
                      Rufus Sewell could be a great Elric as well as Jack Ryder, Paul Bettany, and if they need an A - List actor for the part (that meaning only box office draw) Jude Law could certainly have the Elric look.

                      What's nice about these actors, they possess plenty of charisma to portray the 'womanizing Elric' as well as the fact that they are not type cast as pretty boy faces.

                      I have a suggestion for Yrkoon... Jason Done. He was Mordred in the movie Merlin. He portrayed a 'villian' quite well.


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                        Malcom Mcdowell

                        I thought Malcom Mcdowell could play one of the parts in the Elric movie, maybe even Moonglum? He seems to be able to portray an interesting blend of good and bad in his characters.

                        Other than that my preference would be for complete unknows. I think I would probably have a problem if I recognised someone from Eastenders or similar!


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                          Isn't McDowell an old man now?
                          I'm not prone to agism, but I don't recall
                          Moonglum being described with gray hair
                          and wrinkled face...


                          • #88
                            McDowell would make a good Dyvim or Tanglebones.
                            The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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                              Joaquin Phoenix, I think, has a good Yyrkoon look.

                              Is Yyrkoon about the same age as Elric?


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                                My vote goes to Joaquin Phoenix to play Yyrkoon and maybe Brian Sewell a close second.

                                I'm hoping that the first film is Elric of Melnibone only - surely that is enough of a story there for one film. It establishes his character and introduces the significance of Stormbringer in the best way. I was hoping the second film would a combination of the destruction of Melniborne and his meeting with Zarzonia....

                                Hell - I'm thinking where did this idea come from that it must be a trilogy. Mr M can't you persuade them to make it five parts. Three films would seriously cut down the amount of material you could use. And has anyone suggested you to turn it into an adult animation movie. It's cheaper and you can create better effects. They made money on Final Fantasy which had zero plot. Surely they could make money on an animation with plot and room for a whole load of razz-a-matazz.

                                With great animations such as Shrek and Spirited Away proving you can make money surely this is a marketable idea...