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Elric Movie

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Your mate is having you on. I have made one or two suggestions for possible Elrics but my guess is that with a budget of some $100,000,000
    Universal will insist on a a box office success doing the part. It could be that we get an unknown for Elric and have other stars in other roles, but we haven't started filming because we have yet to get a script together. I haven't even signed the contract yet (there were a couple of things I had to get straightened out in the contract I was sent) but the Weitz brothers and myself are going ahead with sorting the script. I'm particularly happy with them, as I've probably mentioned. Until I met them, I had refused to let Elric be a movie. After I met them I became positively enthusiastic about the idea. Jack Ryder who played Jaimie in East Enders was my own favourite for Elric, but much bigger stars are being mentioned. I will, of course, post the information as soon as I have it.

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    Elric Movie

    I have been a huge fan of your work for years and as such I found it very difficult to contain my excitement at the prospect of an Elric Movie. As an actor I was also excited (and a little bitter) when one of my thespian friends told me hewas being considered for the role of Elric. However he was on tour with me playing Hamlet (Who I always thought could be another incarnation of Elric?) and lost out on the role because he could not start filming until December. Not that I doubt him but... Has filming started now? Who is playing parts? And what parts of the Elric mythology is being covered in the film?