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Elric Movie

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    Yeah, corum I don't immediatley see Diesel as Corum.
    I don't picture any of Mike's heroes with an extreme muscle
    kind of body. Diesel isn't as extreme as Schwarzenegger,
    but close enough.
    Michael, do you think Diesel is good enough a dramatic
    actor to play one of your characters?


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      movie casting

      Speaking of casting...
      I thought of a good example of
      why casting an unknown is good--
      just consider Wolverine in the X-men
      movies. Despite the fact that they casted
      a guy with the wrong body type for the
      character, people still loved it.
      Hugh Jackman was unknown, people had
      no presumptions about him 'til they saw the
      movie; he brought the character to life,
      and now he's an A-list hollywood actor.


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        Jerico: POTC means Pirates Of The Caribbean



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          Thanks , von Bek.
          I tried to watch it on DVD but fell asleep.
          That doesn't mean I won't give it another
          shot someday....


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            First - Thanks Michael for producing some of the greatest works of fiction ever. I thought Elric of Melniborne was a magical piece of writing and sure made my teenage years a greater learning experience then they might have been. I'm new to this forum and it is kind of a great dream to have such an easy way to thank one of you favourite writers for his work.

            About Elric the film - there was an earlier suggestion that Paul Bettany should take the role. I think that is swell - he did a great job playing a mischevious Chaucer in a Knight's Tale.

            If it's a movie star that must go on then I think Brad Pitt would be great - I mean look at the great job he did of playing Louis in "Interview with a Vampire". The characters are almost identical in their optimistic self-pitying nihilistic outlook on life.


            • #51
              Elric Movie

              Brad Pitt? Did someone really suggest Brad Pitt as Elric? Some of the names you guys throw around really scares me. Why don't we throw in Tom Cruise's name while we are at it. I know Mike (feels funny to call him "Mike") is not a fan of LOTRings but these 3 movies are by far the best fantasy movies ever created. And they were made with no really big names. (Well, Sean Astin, who can forget Goonies). So I am banning these names as possible Elric's: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, that guy from ER who played Batman, not Val Kilmer, but he is banned too. Here is an example: go up to your wife or girlfriend and say "hey honey, do you think blah blah would be a good Elric" if she starts to drool, not a good choice. Well, I have vented, I feel better. Mike, best luck with this movie. I absolutely love your work and the thought of Elric on the big screen is really exciting. And remember, if you are looking for someone for the movie who is short and quite hairy, I'm your man. Thanks.


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                I agree with your choices of actors whom to ban, however, I disagree with the 'drooling' factor. Let's not forget, Elric is a bit of a womanizer. Paul Bettany (yep that is the correct name) fortunately makes me drool.


                • #53
                  Jack Ryder and Paul Bettany both look like good contenders.


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                    I dont know why i didnt think of Paul B, he was great it a knights tale. Such a stand out performance.
                    In Gangster no1 .. he played a total looney, and pulled it off quitw well I should add.

                    yes the man can act...not that im an expert on the matter, but I could see him doing it certainly. he should and will be destined for great things..

                    Shaeve out


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                      Yo Bud!

                      Hey Mike-

                      Just wanted you to know I'm still alive - really impoverished at the mo' but still kickin'. Have no idea when i can check the net, as I'm using a library computer (erm, that sounded kinda Roddenberryish, huh?)

                      Best to foot, Linda, cat people and such!

                      I do have new cat (additional, this one's a raucous male ready to be clipped). Otherwise, the world merrily sucketh!

                      Cheers, pard!


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                        I haven't seen Paul Bettany in any films, but judging by his appearance, he seems like an excellent choice to play Elric. It's also good that he's a relative unknown. For Yyrkoon, I'd cast Simon Russell Beale (I have no idea what he looks like, but I'll trust MM), or Vincent Cassel. Now who to cast as Cymoril?


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                          Perhaps my sister Cathy?
                          "Jerry Cornelius was based, for instance, on a young man I used to see around Notting Hill where there was also a greengrocer called Cornelius of London."

                          --Michael Moorcock


                          • #58
                            I like Diesel when he's not playing a thug. Pitch Black is one of my favourite sf movies. Jackman's a good actor. I wonder how many people realised he's the same as the guy who played the lead in
                            the recent National Theatre version of Oklahoma. When Elric, the Musical comes off, he'll be the obvious choice. Meanwhile I'm still rooting for Paul B and Jack R. The drool factor is, I think, important. But I don't think the actors HAVE to be stars, just that it's likely Universal will want actors with some sort of track record. But in the end I'm confident the Weitz brothers will choose the right actors. As for short hairy
                            guys, I'm sure there's room for all. I had this idea for getting the extras from the Creative Anachronism pool! Not sure the unions permit that,
                            but at least those people know how to use old weapons.

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                              I always thought Willem DaFoe would have made a good Elric, but that was about 20 years ago when I saw him in Platoon and I was hoping someone would make the Elric series into a movie! I think he had the high cheek bones for the job. I agree that Depp has the odd, dark, intensity that Elric must convey, but Brad Pitt (yeah, I know...) would probably be able to carry it off as well and still provide the, errrr, 'Drool factor' that would be important to those scum sucking Hollywood execs. Really, I have noting but respect for them...

                              Mr. Moorcock, please don't let their politics ruin your vision as they endeavor to bring this story to the big screen.


                              • #60
                                Michael that was funny!
                                Can you tell us about the Weitz Bros.?
                                What are their previous works?