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How's this for costume design?

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  • How's this for costume design?

    I used a Poser model, some scanned pics of jewelry, fabric etc. and made a collage in Photoshop. This is what I picture Cymoril looking like:

    Now imagine that animated in 3D ^_^...

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    You're a bit on the talented side, aintcha Athenys? V nice :)


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      it is pretty good, and i like it, because it is very different from what i used to imagine AND it does look like descriptions. I am forever doomed to those incredible Craig Russelآ´s comic books illustrations... they rule, and they are the reason i started reading elric (ok, true be said: I was at the comic shop with a pal, and he said - LOOK! ITآ´S THE ETERNAL CHAMPION SAGA! ELRIC! to what i replied WHAT? WTF IS THAT?? XMEN? and he said.. DUNNO, BUT THERES A LOT OF BLIND GUARDIAN COOL SONGS WITH THOSE NAMES IN THE LYRICS... and i went OH YEAH RIGHT!!! DAMNED FOR ALL TIME, RUN FAST TO MADNESS, JOURNEY THROUGH THE DARK!!!! Iآ´LL BUY IT MISTER!...)


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        A few feathers and it would be a nice rag to wear at the next Carnaval do Brasil, eh Hans?

        :oops: Sorry, couldn't resist. But great job, Athenys, honestly!
        Google ergo sum


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          Very nice work, Athenys 8O

          Why is it that Cymoril is almost an anagram of Limerick? [Well, okay, Lymoric, but it's darn close!]

          There was a young girl called Cymoril,
          Who wore quite exotic apparel,
          Her lover was bored,
          And got out his sword,
          Somewhere in there lies a moral!

          :oops: :lol:


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            Mind you, I bet she gets terrible split ends :)
            Not to mention chilly


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              That's certainly a very striking image. She oozes dignity and grace there.

              Top work, son!
              Call me cockey, but if there\'s an alien I can\'t kill, I haven\'t met him and killed him yet!


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                That is a beautiful rendition Athenys. You're very talented.
                Regret achieves nothing. Regret breeds weakness. Regret is a cancer which attacks the body's vital organs and eventually destroys.


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                  Nicely done!

                  Now, how do we get her in the movie?
                  Don\'t blame me; I voted for Trixitroxi Ro!


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                    Nice job Athenys you are pretty talented there.



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                      YOU ROCK!


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                        carnaval sucks


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                          I even found a song for her:

                          We used to swim in the same moonlight waters
                          Oceans away from the wakeful day

                          My fall will be for you
                          My love will be in you
                          If you be the one to cut me
                          I`ll bleed forever

                          Scent of the sea before the waking of the world
                          Brings me to thee
                          Into a blue memory

                          My fall will be for you
                          My love will be in you
                          If you be the one to cut me
                          I will bleed forever

                          Into a blue memory


                          Thanks for all the compliments guys :oops: :) 8)...I like Simonson's stuff, particularly his Thor and Elric books. But he drew Cymoril all WRONG IMO :( ...I re-read the first chapter or so of Elric and looked carefully at the Amano sculpture in order to come up with a more accurate portrayal of said Melnibonean noblewoman. Oh, if only she could be in the movie...