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Elric Movie (Thread part II)

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    I FLY

    Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
    So let me just say I am currently rooting for Paul Bettany as Elric and
    Aishwarya Rai as Cymoril. I would love Johnny Depp to be Rakhir the Red Archer, which would give him more room for wit. Maybe Ben Kingsley as Sadric (who appears in the first film, if only at his own funeral...) and Simon Russell Beale as Yyrkoon. As for music, I like the idea of Glass, certainly.
    AAAAhhh the extasy! TO SEE THAT WOULD BE PERFECT Mr. Moorcock! I can only await eagerly to confirmation of those names, and i could say those would be my final choices........ Maybe not Phillip Glass - he is my favorite one nowadays, but, then again, i think the parties involved in this movie would have to be geniuses, and i must insist, even though i may sound a repeating bastard- ENNIO MORRICONE. He is an awe-inspiring composer, and versatile, too...

    I dont remember this being asked - Where do you intend to shoot it? any ideas as of yet??


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      Originally posted by Michael Moorcock
      As for music, I like the idea of Glass, certainly. I also wonder if Blue Oyster Cult's 'Black Blade' couldn't be used, but suspect it wouldn't be in keeping with the rest of the movie.
      Not during the action itself, perhaps, but it'd be a cryin' shame not to have it over the credits! Maybe have echoes of the melody incorporated in the backing score in a few spots, so BOC fans can chuckle during a scene and whisper to their friends, "Aha! I recognize that!" :)

      Originally posted by Michael Noorcock
      Also Hawkwind are capable of producing some very atmospheric music.
      Yes indeed; both "Shade Gate" and "Pulsing Cavern" come to mind. If there's a suitable point where an atmospheric, synthy score would fit the bill, I'd certainly call 'em first. :D

      If there's a movie role requiring a fiendish-looking, bald-pated chap with an outstanding voice, I'd suggest Jason Miller, who fronts the band Godhead and who's been doing a lot of animأ© voiceovers of late. He is also a BIG fan of the Elric series and all of your works. (Trust me, I hear from him about this frequently. :))

      Thanks for mentioning the Chinese Agent and Russian Intelligence reissues, BTW. Storm had mentioned publishing them a while back, but I didn't see a confirmation here on the site. For those interested, the link for her POD publishing house, Immanion Press, is

      Storm is of the opinion that few, if any, British SF or fantasy writers are getting a decent hearing by UK publishers these days, and is trying to publish new writers as well as currently-unpublished established talents, like Ian Watson. Sad days indeed in the UK, if what she fears is true.


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        so letآ´s choose Glass for the atmosphere, and Morricone for the action.


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          I personally think Peter Jackson has great shots and he really knows how to work magic with a camera. Paul Bettany as elric is a GENIUS idea. what a great actor with the look of elric. Mr.M are you going to contact Johnny Depp after the script has been written for the role of the red archer? Also I was wondering who Mr.M had in mind for Dyvim. I so cannot wait for it to hit the theaters. I think i will take my whole family (even my crazy mom, even though she threw away my 1st ed fortress of the pearl book) just to support the movie! i know it will make LOTR look like a lame fairy tale(which it is) I am so amped. If Mr.M needs any extras, hes definatly got the gung ho fans in this web-site to do it! Hell I'd quit my job just to walk in the background! I believe we all would make great sacrifices to be extras.... but i think thats up to universal. None the less the movie well be amazing on all levels!


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            How's about the production design and costumes? I mentioned this in the other epic thread. I think there was mention of Elric/The Melniboneans having a kind of American Indian influence, interesting. . . and steering away from the Norse look favoured by the Elves in LOTR - not that this wasn't successful - some of the costumes and jewellery was breathtaking - but I've always seen the Melniboneans as being different, maybe with a modern slant...

            I dunno :roll: I've been at work too long and my contact lenses are misting up.

            I like production design along the lines of 'The Dark Crystal' and 'Labyrinth'... I also like the Dave McKean visuals for 'Mirrormask' - that looks like it should be a goodun. Heck, even some of the designs for 'Dune' (although the film was awful) has an interesting look about it...


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              Bum, that was me. And you'd think I'm only here to get lots of postings so I can be an Eternal Champion for real! :lol:


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                Production Design and Costumes?

                I like the idea of Chinese , Japanese on the costuming, and Middle Eastern influence on architecture. A twist or combination of these and a modern art would be cool.
                I know it was not a good film, but I liked the Helmets in Tim Burtons Planet of the Apes.
                I did like the Still suits in Dune. THat film had avery Victorian look to it.


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                  I think R.K. Post:




                  Todd Lockwood:



                  and Brom:


                  would be able to devise a Melnibonean decorative style; elegant, tribal and gothic rolled into one.

                  As for the actors so far...they seem ok, though (with the exception of Aishwarya) none look 'exotic' enough. Aishwarya would make a far better Zarozinia though. None of them have starting features angular or fine enough to be called 'not-quite-human' :? ...those makeup and SFX people are going to have to work overtime just to get them to look right if that's who they are going to go with. Now for Queen Yishana they could go with Eva Mendez:



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                    I am so silly. How could I forget BROM!!! BROM!
                    He as such an exsqusite sickness to his art!
                    I like how his charachters are androgynous sometimes.
                    I wonder if he would crossover to film (much like Geiger with Alien, (etc)?
                    Thanx man!!!

                    I wonder what Mike thinks? (hint)


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                      Also check out R.K. Post and Lockwood's stuff, their characters feature the type of facial designs some Melniboneans were said to wear. Some more relevant art pieces:

                      What Melnibonean Women might look like:



                      and the men-folk:



                      Let's also not forget Michael Whelan ...


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                        Yes, I'm liking bits of those pictures, Athenys. Particularly the facial markings and masks, that's definitely the right direction to go, methinks.

                        I love Gould's illustrations (I might of mentioned this before, in several threads :D ) and I think some of his designs for Elric's clothing are spot on, with feathers, etc - a very androgynous look, almost feminine in touches.


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                          Dawn Wilson painted a beautiful portrait of Elric for the 'Fortress Of Pearl'
                          she also painted these:



                          If only I could track her down and buy some prints off of her. Gould's stuff is a given ...


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                            Ooo, they're good. I've never heard of her before. That's what I like - the little details... :)


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                              Then there's Yoshitaka Amano...


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                                I like his portrayal of Elric, it's very different. Also loved what he did with Neil Gaiman's 'The Dream Hunters' A very gorgeous book, shame I can't afford to buy it at the moment :lol:

                                I'm thinking of Star Wars for some reason - I think the 'used' look is very effective, the belief that this is a place that has existed for thousands of years... Could be quite good for the decaying Empire... Don't worry, I'm not putting Star Wars into the same realm as Elric, although I am partial to the original trilogy when the mood takes me :D