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My 2 cents on Elric film

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  • bob-e-bane
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Jun 2004
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    My 2 cents on Elric film

    I like the idea of Paul Bettany, Jude Law or Christian Bale as Elric. (In that order.)
    I love Christopher Walken as an actor, but Arioch was youthful and beautiful much like the Italian ACTRESS that played Satan in Passion of the Christ. God’s most beautiful angel. �hard to look at. ’ Almost androgonus. I would not want Jeremy Irons as Elric. He is an admirable performer as well, but Elric is youthful.
    I am surprised that know one has mentioned Chinese martial arts films on here.
    Jet li is one of my favorite Martial artists/actors. The style and aesthetics of such films as �Hero’ and �Iron Monkey’ are exceptional and would be fantastic. Some of the costumes in such films are great..
    Also such epic films as �Spartucus’and early Viking movies with Kirk Douglas. Middle eastern architecture. …Can’t think of examples. �Aladin? Those tall turrets with the dollop like tops on the buildings? Completely Immyrrian.
    I think a blend of all of these with an out of this world twist would be fantastic. There are lots of different races in The Eternal Champion. Why not in the film?
    I always pictured Erekose as a Dark Elf rather than a Black man.. Jet black skin?