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Which music would suit the saga of Elric movies?

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  • Which music would suit the saga of Elric movies?

    Personally,I liked how they used clasical music in LOTR. Alot of rock/metal bands felt angry/sad because they felt their music would be perfect for the movie especially because their songs are about the Middle Earth and all that. For example,you have Blind Guardian who are the front runners of "Tolkien metal". They even have an album titled "nightfall in middle earth" which is about the events of "sillmalirion". Also,there are xyz bands which are named after the names,places of the said books. (Balrog,Moria,Burzum,Varg....etc.) Also,Led Zeppeling were quite influenced by the boom of fantasy in the seventies.

    Now,when it comes to the saga of Elric...I have on many occasions imagined (and not just imagined,alot of it just came spontaneously and seamingly out of nowhere) alot of scenes and imiges of the saga whilst listening to the music of Emperor. (Norwegian black metal with clasical influences and epic feel. Maybe closer to the label of "viking metal" but still...)

    Any thoughts?

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    I would use Warren Zevon, just because he is ashamedly underrated and should recieve more exposure, though he is dead, so that kind of ruins that plan. Personally, classical music for the actual film, for ambience and atmosphere and other filmic devices, and proper songs for the soundtrack. Lyrically proper, I mean.


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      Warren really is (was) amazing. Love his stuff (makes me shiver for the amount of feeling and honesty he is able (was able) to put out)

      As for lyricaly proper....I mentioned Emperor. (of course,I'm totaly biased) For example,these lyrics cannot but remind me of the final sea battles between law and chaos.

      With Strength I Burn

      Deep Green Dark Chaos
      Blinded I run down these paths
      By heart I know them
      They lead to the searing cliffs
      Stout they stand above the waters edge

      And this is my foundation
      Cold stone
      Formed only by winds and time
      How invulnerable

      I have longed to be at one with this
      Yet, the waters call my name

      For once I wish to see
      The entity behind the voice
      The face of this seduction
      The beauty of my pain

      Am I blessed or am I cursed by the presence...
      What is my crime...
      What is my deed...
      Is this life my redemption
      Shall I repent or proceed

      I hate my flesh
      It's dimension poisoned my soul with doubt
      It made me question the essence of...
      The -I-

      Slaves are those of this world
      Given freedom to lay chains upon The Master
      The wolf is no longer free
      Release the chains and come for me

      The Elder:
      -Suddenly, his mournful cries were stunned. Out of the cold mist
      came three entbralling ships. Sails torn by many storm, and the
      bows adorned by the most fierce gargoyles he'd ever laid eyes upon.
      Yet, the crew they bore... Three times twelve in numbers. They stood
      motionless, wrapped in grey, worn gowns. And from behind their
      shadowed faces the seductive chanting. Bidding him on board.
      Without hesitation, he accepted. And away they sailed...-

      Upon these seas
      Wherein I drowned so many times
      I scatter the ashes of destiny
      Still my flames are in hunger

      With fire in my heart
      Shall I greet the shores ahead
      Though, I know not what will burn


      In the distance
      I hear the waves wash over solid ground
      And in this momnet I am struck blind

      Grant me sight so I can see
      That which lies ahead of me
      Cursed be my mortal eyes
      For dying in the realm of death

      Hear my call...

      I return to the soaring cliffs
      They truly shine of strenght
      even though, I nothing learned
      With strenght I burn...


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        I'm obviously the victim of movie-conditioning, because I was watching Hellboy the other day (great film by the way, despite the fact I didn't really enjoy the comic book) and every time it went into a big fight scene my ears were waiting for Marilyn Manson (or similar) to kick in... but they never did. For some reason movie violence is now married in my mind with loud rock music. But I think Elric should be a more classical affair... or folk perhaps, depending on the visual style. Obviously it's a fantasy world, so there isn't a set musical tradition (as there would be with a medieval film), but I wouldn't want the music to be too "modern".

        Except when they play Black Blade over the end credits, naturally. (I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until it comes true... even if I have to hum the song to myself in the cinema while everyone else is leaving)

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          I was expecting Hellboy to be a usual total c-r-a-p super hero movie. I even stayed away from watching it for a while and then one day I just got all "oh,what the hell....don't have anything better to do". I actually liked it. From the moment I realized who is playing him (love the guy! Loved him in Alien. Hate the Blade movies but he is cool. ;op) and from there on...I was quite satisfied. It did not blow me away and made me fall in love with the movie (that's what Underworld did) but it really was a plesant surprise. Especially loved the inclusion of Nick Cave's "red righ hand" (the title itself explains why...)

          Now,about the Elric movie and the music therein....I just hope they stay away from the flutes and piccolos and such. It's nice music and it does relate a kind of an emotional feeling...but I'm getting sick of it. Every movie's got that scene with such music. I'm not saying that the music in the movie should be a heavy rocker/metal....clasical works much better... but still.....songs like Bathory's "A fine day to die" always bring forth a scene of a magnificent battle.


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            Originally posted by DeeCrowSeer

            Except when they play Black Blade over the end credits, naturally. (I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until it comes true... even if I have to hum the song to myself in the cinema while everyone else is leaving)

            Dude, that would rock so hard if they did that.


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              Absolutely NO contemporary pop/rock music. There's nothing that dates a film so much as the soundtrack by whomever is flavour of the month.

              I do not think that any death metal bands (and I LIKE all kinds of rock music, death metal included) should be allowed anywhere near this movie. I don't believe there's a rock band currently playing who are near talented enough to create a soundtrack worthy of Elric.

              Personally I believe that the soundtrack should serve the movie, strictly without lyrics (not that there shouldn't be voices/choirs...etc). A good example of a movie (that I just saw) with an excellent, appropriate soundtrack is Hero.

              Indeed, I'd like to see Elric much closer in intent to that movie than to any of the other "fantasy" movies.



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                On a side note,black metal and death metal are miles apart. It's important to make that distinction. Black metal has an epic feal to it and is much much closer to the fantasy world. I do agree that music does label the movie not only in age but also in target audience.


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                  I could see a heavy tribal beat going on at some times.instead of heavy metal... and I agree that any type of modern popular music would be a mistake. Enya only worked in LotR because her music already had a celtic riff to it anyway.


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                    Um, yeah. I did, in fact, mean what *you* said. Excuse my ignorance, I'm not one of those people who feels a compulsion to categorize everything down to the nth degree. It's all music to me. I either like it or don't.

                    (BTW, I would have thought that "black metal" was predominantly identified, thematically, by satanic overtones?)

                    But I still stand by what I said, no band currently playing is talented enough to produce a decent soundtrack.


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                      Classical I think. Wagner jumps to mind - but is that a cliche? And something pretty heavy and choral at places - also lighter moments, something medieval? MM speaks approvingly of Hildegard of Bingen somewhere on this site. Definitely not Enya, please! Maybe some rock over the titles at the end. I think dear old Hawkwind deserve to be in there somewhere - for services rendered th Elric. Plus something more contemporary for the hit single (No, no, not Bryan Adams!). Actually I like the idea of a bit of death metal for the fight scenes - but how do we avoid the impression we're watching a music video?
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                        Definitely needs to be atmospheric, for all that that suggestion is worth. I'd steer clear of anything immediately recognisable during the film itself- the Elric saga transcends such things as band publicity and CD product placement. The score should be something totally and completely unique, available as a soundtrack (of course), and for my own personal tastes heavy classical/operatic- orchestral with sublime electric guitar overtones; heavy where needed, understated where appropriate. But no recognised pieces of any musical genre- totally unique and inspired.

                        Oh, ok, you can have Black Blade on the credits if you wish!!! :)

                        The Melnibonean Slave Vocal Choir could be cool to hear...


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                          The problem with using metal is the cheese factor, and I mean that as a devout Motorhead and Sepultura fan. Even the best metal has cheese to it, and Elric really doesn't. I don't even think Hawkwind could work, though rolling "The Black Blade" by BOC at the credits wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Just keep the thrash out of the fight scenes please! I want those to be poetic, not video game fare.

                          That said, classical in cinema has become it's own cliche, and I don't think Michael would want to taint Melnibone too much with a Western European feel. He's spoken out against that a bit recently. Wagner would especially be bad for the unfortunate Nazi connection (you can't erase those connections once history has embedded them.) I think that Kitsune is onto something with the tribal rhythms suggestion, though you wouldn't want to overdo that either.

                          As far as pop groups go, I honestly think that Sigur Ros would be a great possibility. Their music has an epic, otherworldly feel that seems quite appropriate, and to most of us Iceland is as alien as Melnibone and the Young Kingdoms.
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                            For the court of Melnibone I'd like to hear something like an electric Guqin* amplified thru some heavy distortion effects and possibly some nice deep bass pedals too. Finger cymbals and crotales, possibly synthesized and electronically distorted.

                            For battle scenes, thunderous drumming ala Taiko (Kodo). Perhaps with some rhythmic tunes being played out on Balinese tantra (seek out "Kaneda" from the Akira soundtrack or the percussive stylings of Blue Man Group). Especially as the first battle we'll probably be introduced to would be the initial repelling of the barbarian attack at sea, and Elric's fall to Straasha's realm.
                            (Although I'd be tempted to begin the movie with Elric taking up Stormbringer in the pulsating cave, flashback from there, and then move on through to the point where Cymoril and Stormbringer finally meet - he says, trying to avoid spoilers).

                            And, when Stormbringer is unsheathed or chaos starts to consume the fabric of reality - do you think there's a soundtrack for that? I think it should just stick to (some very loud and horrific) sound effects and not sully the moment with "music". Maybe the unearthly howl of the black blade should blot out any soundtrack - that'd be cool.

                            I'd be unwilling to make any concession to "the hit single" or indeed any recognisable commercial interest. I still believe we're thinking in the mode of Hollywood blockbuster, whereas we should be thinking more along the lines of Art house movie. Definately more Kurosawa than Spielberg, more Yimou Zhang than Ridley Scott. Bright, glorious colours ~ can you see the spires of Imryyr as we approach on the back of a Phoorn? Mandelbrot rainbows of seething chaos. The black light horror of Stormbringer in full blood lust...
                            Bloody hell, I can hardly contain my desire to see this.

                            hmmm, maybe they should just let me direct?


                            *not that such an instrument exists! I don't think they make electric Guqin. 8O


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                              Hmmmm.... I'm not a musicalogist, but I'm wonding if the use of unusal instruments, maybe oriental ones, and a slightly different scale from western music, might give the music at least in Melnibone, a more alien sound. Music in the Young Kingdoms could be represented more traditional western music. If done right I think this would really work well for movie.