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Fan input on Elric movie

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  • Fan input on Elric movie

    After reading much input from Elric/ M.M fans across the web i have came to the conclusion that everyone is hoping that The elric movie will be rated "R" because they believe that the books could not be well described unless the rating is R and this is why.

    1. Elric is a brutal killer throughout the seires and M.M is an absolute genius at imagery. the only way we could truely grasp the image of "Elric then parried and drove the axe into the demons skull" is by an R rateing

    2. Stormbringer is viscious and i cant wait to see it in the film.

    3. Sex scenes with oona and others

    that is what i have found so far. is there anything else you guys can think of?

    M.M- have you determined if it will be "R" or not? i am overly excited about it even if it was rated PG :)[/b]

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    Another thing~
    What do you anticipate to see from the books onto the big screen?

    with me i think its probably Stormbringer and the summoning of Arioch


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      About the sex scenes...

      I think it would be best to leave thoseto the audience's imagination.

      Do you really think they could pull off a stark white nudie lad rolling around with some gourgeous woman? Best face it, if they tried it would be laughable.


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        Thats where lighting plays its part.Elric amongst the shadows draped across his love.To mirror the dance of flame far off and above.


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          Yeah the lighting will be a big effect in the whole film. i really cant wait to see it. i am so excited elric has been my favorite anti-hero since i was little :lol:


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            Doing Stormbringer right is of utmost importance. Hopefully they'll have a huge special effects budget. In the books, there is a black radiance described surrounding stormbringer. Especially when it is first unsheathed. I can picture this as looking like the black swirling mist that trailed Nightcrawler when he'd teleport in X2. If they could use that same effect, but have it surround stormbringer, I think that would look great. Not constantly, just when emphasis is needed on the swords power and battle thirst.


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              Well...I am reading the Elric series for the 3rd time at the moment...and I can't help but stop myself after certain chapters and wonder how it will all be translated onto the big screen. I've just finished The Vanishing Tower - my favourite so far. I keep trying to visualize Elric combining with Erekose and Corum to fight Voilodion Ghagnasdiak....the dual with the burning god,the noose of flesh.....I have vivid images burned into my mind by Moorcock.
              Whatever we all may expect from these films..I'm sure that we will all be surprised- good or bad the films may be....but nothing will ever beat the motion picture in your mind created from reading a well written book :twisted:


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                As far as i can remember, the sex scenes in the books werent very explicit. Why would they need to be in the movie?