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The Elric Saga Movie.

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  • Tales from Tanelorn
    We are very much enjoying Johnny Depp's characters and acting.
    Could he appear in The Elric Movie in one of the lead roles?

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  • lozul
    morcoocks indeed rules

    this is my message to everyone, i know that we all have something to say about the film, but if you do love moorcock style and work, i only will say thay i have faith that it's only him who knows exactly what to do, i believe he will do a hummungus movie but in his way, not bollywood, but the expected movie of elric of melnibone, jut want to hear how the film is developing, and i am really glad that the website is back, i missed it a lot, so i am happy!!! thanxs

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  • Michael Moorcock
    Maybe we could get Barny into a dragon suit...

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  • bob-e-bane
    started a topic The Elric Saga Movie.

    The Elric Saga Movie.

    I just found out a week ago about the making of these films, and I am very excited. I love these books so much. I re-read the books recently and started pencil drawing my own renditions of Elric. I want to have faith in Hollywood and the people involved to pull no punches with the graphic imagery that Mr. Moorcock wrote.
    Mel Gibson got away with some intense ultra-violence in 'The Passion'.
    The whipping scene made my stomach turn. (yay!) Does it take money and a 'big name' to be allowed this sort of content? These films should be controversial and offend the goodies. The books have alot of romance and eloquent epic content to match the blood lust and horror that is not usually found in 'major' hollywood movies. These should not be 'B' movies. A blend of Horror and epic film making is a must. A new breed with a BIG budget!!!

    I think Paul Bettany , Jude Law, or Jonny Depp would be great.
    Please no Vin Deisel.

    Here is a list of writers and musicians etc..that inspire my opinions:

    Clive Barker
    H.P. Lovecraft
    Amon Tobin
    Mars Volta
    (Please no heavy metal.)
    Antonin Atraud
    The Excorcist
    Tear Garden
    Barney the Dinasaur

    I cannot wait!
    Thank you for letting me post!
    Much love and respect to you, big Mike!!
    You do indeed rule!!!