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  • Crossword/poem

    I remember in NW seeing an interesting way of presenting a poem - on an empty grid the lines wound back on each other re-using a lot of the earlier letters.
    This stuck in my mind and I've tried to emulate it several times (never managing to perfectly fill the grid but some good song lyrics did come out of the effort :) ).

    But alas I sold my old NW collection in a passing fit of poverty in the late 80's (along with Starburst issues 1 - 50something ).
    So if anyone has understood what I'm talking about and has that issue could you tell me the name of the author and perhaps even scan the work for me? There was definitely some MM material in the same issue - a Cornelius episode I think.

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    I think you're probably thinking of D M Thomas's "Labyrinth", which was in issue 189 back in 1969. By one of those strange coincidences I happened to be reading through that very issue a couple of nights ago!

    The idea was to express the thoughts of a pregnant girl over her 9 months. Each month the new text was highlighted (with the previous months' text being retained), so that by month 9 there was a rectangular box almost completely filled with text.


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      Langdon Jones did some similar stuff - "two poems: flower gathering and transplant" in "Best SF Stories in New Worlds 7". Not quite so inventive, though, by the sounds of it...
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        Oops, wasn't logged in when I posted my original reply, so it came up as a Guest - was rushing to meet some friends in the pub. :oops:

        Just to add, if you want a scan of Thomas's "Labyrinth", I'd be more than happy to provide one - just let me know where to send it, as I dont think this forum caters for PMs.
        Mike H.


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          Bad DiGi started a thread and didn't click "watch this thread".
          Dear Guest (MikeH), I'd love a scan of Thomas' "Labyrinth".


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            I'd wondered what happened there, DiGiMac :)

            I'll send you a scan of Labyrinth, and also of the two poems by Lang Jones as one of them may indeed be the piece you'd remembered. Let us know which it was!
            Mike H.