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Other writers of Jerry Cornelius stories

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  • Other writers of Jerry Cornelius stories

    In the Jerry Cornelius entry in the Moorcockopedia, there is a comment that MM encouraged other authors to write JC stories. I have one for you –Norman Spinrad edited a book of short stories, which I treasure, called The New Tomorrows (Belmont/Tower (C) 1971) and included an entertaining JC story of his own called The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde.

    I hope that’ll help you track it down. In his editor’s notes, he mentions other writers of JC stories including Brian Aldiss, James Sallis and M. John Harrison. The book also contains MM’s Felipe Sagittarius and Delany’s Driftglass, stories by Langdon Jones, Tom Disch, Langdon Jones among others.

    Incidentally, the book also contained a contribution from Philip Josأ© Farmer based on the premise: ‘If William Burroughs had written Edgar Rice Burroughs…’ It’s called ‘Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod’.

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    The Last Hurrah is featured in 'The New Nature of the Catastrophe' which collects many of 'the apocryphal Jerry Cornelius stories' - many by New Worlds writers and plenty by Mike himself.