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New Elric Series

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  • New Elric Series

    Does anyone happen to know when the new Elric series is coming out from DC? I've seen Michael comment that the third script is complete, but there does not appear to be a release date of any kind.


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    I hate responding to my own messages, but I spoke with the DC's public relations guy about the new series and he said that it has not even been put on the schedule.

    Just thought I would mention that for anyone who cares. :)


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      Good to know, thanks!


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        I'm guessing they're giving Uncle Walt some breathing room to really let loose on this book.


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          Sept. 22, AWESOME!


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            The cover to Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer is now viewable at the DC Comics website:


            Walt's artwork just gets better and better!


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              Michael is writing new Elric stories for a visual medium and there is no telling what he has to say. Walt is bringing a depth of visual imagination and energy to this book that is worthy of Kirby at his zenith so this is not to be missed. I am going to shout it from the rooftops. The last time I did this shit was when Watchmen debuted.
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