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Contest - "Which Doctor Who Is Your Favorite?" | Winners Announced!

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  • Reinart der Fuchs
    gefangener fuchs
    • May 2006
    • 4695

    Contest - "Which Doctor Who Is Your Favorite?" | Winners Announced!

    The time has come for you to decide. Tell us who your favorite Doctor Who is for a change to win a Doctor Who proof from better known as BBC Books. Thanks to them for the chance to offer these prizes!

    To enter this contest you have to post in this thread stating in a couple of sentences which Doctor Who is your favorite and why. For example:

    William Hartnell (or "The First Doctor" or whatever gets your point across)
    I only just started watching Doctor Who, and have seen the Hartnells, Troughtons and half of the Pertwees. Of the three Hartnell is my favorite, because he is the ultimate bastard operator from Hell.
    BBC Books
    We will draw 3 winners randomly from all entries October 27, 2010. We hope that the winners will read the books straight away and blog, tweet or review the book at Amazon or any other place. Winners of the Doctor Who Contest: Tweet The Doctor - - are not eligible for this contest, sorry about that and I hope you understand.
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  • flamingo
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Jan 2004
    • 42

    My favorite Doctor is Tom Baker because he is quirky and friendly. I like his robot dog too. Tom Baker was the Doctor when I was a kid and I was quite surprised at the time to find out that there were other actors who had played him.
    :-) flamingo


    • Lumas
      Sailor on the Seas of Fate
      • Mar 2010
      • 54

      Ninth Doctor

      My favourite Doctor is Christopher Eccleston, mostly because of his Doctor's unrealized potential. I would be extremely happy if the BBC ever decided to produce "Doctor Who: The New Adventures of the Ninth Doctor", or something to that effect.

      EDIT: I'm getting the book from Amazon so I won't be taking part in the contest after all. <Lumas Lums Lus Lu u>
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      • ThanosShadowsage
        Eternal Companion
        • Dec 2003
        • 666

        I started watching Doctor Who with the 2005 edition of the show. I don't know much about the previous Doctors so my list is much smaller in comparison to other viewers. I want to say Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor because he was my first exposure to the show. From early on I loved how he said "Fantastic" and it seemed very iconic for the Doctor.

        Then David Tennant came along and, despite my love for my first Doctor, blew Christopher Eccleston out of the water. It was almost as though Doctor Who became an entirely different show when Tennant took over. I don't know if it was better writing, better acting, or a combination of both that made him a better Doctor but there was definitely something about him which changed (evolved?) the role into something truly magnificent.

        The new Doctor, Matt Smith, has potential but I haven't seen enough material to say he surpasses Tennant. I am actually more confident of his companion (Amy Pond) than I am of him. I know that this current incarnation is intended to be "darker" and more "brooding" and I like that concept but I just haven't seen enough to say, "YES! This new Doctor is better than the last." Perhaps in the future I will but for now David Tennant takes the cake.

        My vote: David Tennant.


        • GreatOldOne
          Grumpy Old Man
          • Jun 2004
          • 82

          And in colour....

          I've watched the Doctor from the off. I loved Hartnell at the time, even though he scared me more than a little. But my biggest love was saved for the Daleks. My Dalek Annual was read and reread. And then read some more. And then the Dalek film appeared at the local cinema, and it was the greatest film I'd ever seen. Even now, I love it despite all its many flaws.
          And for that reason, I'll always have a massive soft spot for PETER CUSHING's Doctor.
          Quirky, more loveable than Hartnell.
          And he was in colour!!
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          • Thongor
            Barbarian Swordsman
            • Apr 2005
            • 1063

            David Tennant. I do like what Matt Smith is doing, but the tenth Doctor still gets the barbarian vote.


            • Shipscook
              • May 2008
              • 15

              It has to be Tom Baker, an eccentric of the first water he started a fashion for long scarves and jelly babies, and had a robot dog that fired a laser beam, what's not to like!


              • Rothgo
                Champion of the Unbalanced
                • Aug 2006
                • 6629

                As I'm not allowed to enter, I'm throwing a curve-ball and declaring my fav Webcast Doctor to be Richard E. Grant: his universe-weariness is par excellence!


                • dennishenley
                  Corsair of the Second Ether
                  • Jul 2010
                  • 85

                  Favorite Doctor?

                  My favorite is Tom Baker because he appeared to actually be an alien. Even when I've seen him in person, he had that alien-like quality that set him apart from others.


                  • David Mosley
                    Eternal Administrator
                    • Jul 2004
                    • 11823

                    Originally posted by Rothgo View Post
                    As I'm not allowed to enter, I'm throwing a curve-ball and declaring my fav Webcast Doctor to be Richard E. Grant: his universe-weariness is par excellence!
                    I can't enter either so I'll see your REG and raise you a Mark Gatiss 'Doctor Who' - as seen on Doctor Who Night (BBC2, 1999).

                    _"For an eternity Allard was alone in an icy limbo where all the colours were bright and sharp and comfortless.
                    _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
                    _And then, at last, he had reached the real world – the world he had created, where he was God and could create or destroy whatever he wished.
                    _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


                    • hangingfire
                      Wanderer of the Mittel March
                      • Jan 2008
                      • 18

                      My favorite Doctor is Jon Pertwee. The first serial I ever saw was "The Monster of Peladon" on a lonely childhood afternoon, aired on a PBS station in a small city; I had no idea what I was watching, but I immediately decided it was the best thing ever. I'm pretty sure it was the velvet jackets and ruffled shirts. The air of benign authority helped, but the clothes! Definitely the clothes.
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                      • banghi
                        Moonbeam Traveller
                        • Dec 2003
                        • 8

                        pertwee is #1

                        he had flash, bessie, ruffles and an attitude to match. plus he had the best companions, gave us unit, the classic delgado master and was in colour (sorry cushing).

                        rowan atkinson would be a close second...


                        • Grivessillus
                          Defender of the Runestaff
                          • Jul 2009
                          • 398

                          My favourite Doctor Who so far is David Tenant. When he started he was very good. He got bad after a point but he was good for the rest of it.

                          I like Matt Smith also. He has a no fuss quality that is better than David Tenant, he drowned in a sea of ticks, quirks, sentimentality and self parody at the end.

                          But from his earlier performances I say David Tenant is my favourite.
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                          • Mark McKeown
                            Defender of the Runestaff
                            • Dec 2008
                            • 342

                            My favourite incaranation of the Doctor is Jon Pertwee. A cosmic dandy and conisseur of all things fine upon the Earth he was so cruelly incracertated. Not that he let him get him down as he darted about the English countryside in Bessie, roamed Welsh slate quarries and scaled various powerstations in making the universe a safer place for us 70s moppets.

                            And he knew Venusian karate!
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                            • Pikey
                              One of these days I'll get an early night
                              • Feb 2009
                              • 127

                              William Hartnell .. the very first doctor!

                              Mainly because I remember watching the very first episode back in 1963 ..

                              I especially remember the schoolteachers finding the Tardis in the scrapyard for some strange reason .. don't remember much else about it though ..
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