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CBRG: What Next?

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  • CBRG: What Next?

    The discussion for GBRG #1 is still open for those of you who aren't finished or have more to discuss but I thought now would be a good time to start talking about what novel to read next. Below will be a list of previously suggested options but feel free to suggest new options in this thread. I will update the list as the suggestions roll in.

    Suggested Books for the Reading Group

    The City in Autumn Stars
    The Revenge of the Rose
    The Jewel in the Skull
    King of the City
    An Alien Heat
    Knight of Swords

    I'll wait a couple days for people to chime in with other suggestions and then I'll make a poll in this thread so we can vote.

    Special note: I'm not pushing any sort of deadline with this. I know 1 month per book is the general idea but I don't think we need to be strict about it.

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    in my opinion the reason the war hound discussion was not very lively is because we read one of his straight fantasies. i know we all enjoy them, but i'm sure we've all read several novels of mike's that are very similar.

    so i think we should read one of his more complex, adult-oriented novels, as there is probably more to discuss. the only book i have that i haven't read yet, is the brothel in rosenstrasse, so i am going to go with that.


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      Good point aeymxq. I'm going to wait a bit longer for more people to chime in here. I don't know if interest is waning or if people have just forgotten but I'm not sure when or if we're going to get #2 started.