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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs
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  • Locke421
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • May 2004
    • 34

    is this the entire eternal champion (first 3) series?

    or should i get the 3 john daker books seperate?
  • Elwher
    Honer of the Wikiverse
    • Feb 2004
    • 525

    The book The Eternal Champion has the following:
    The Eternal Champion
    The Sundered Worlds (The Blood Red Game)
    Phoenix in Obsidian
    To Rescue Tanelorn...

    Only The Eternal Champion and Phoenix in Obsidian are Erekose/John Daker. The third The Dragon in the Sword is in the US Von Bek omnibus.
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