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Elric Audiobook

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  • FredGodsmark
    Wanderer of the Mittel March
    • May 2004
    • 23

    Elric Audiobook

    Elric Of Melnibonأ© AudioBook
    Sorry that this has taken me so long to announce here, but I am new to this kind of forum and wanted to make sure that I followed protocol.

    5 CDs of our AudioBooksPlus, and the voice of Jeffery West bring Elric to life for the first time as an audio book. This presentation has a background music track and strategically placed sound FX to heighten the listener's experience.

    Give the sample a listen. It is available now off our website, and shortly through Amazon and bookstores.

    Mercenary Sound Designer
  • DyvimTvarsBodyguard
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Mar 2004
    • 128

    I must say what a great job you guys did on the E.O.M. audio book.
    The music is good, never interfering or obtrusive and
    sound efx are not over done.

    I don't know what Jeffery West looks like,
    but I think he is dramatic enough to be in the movie!

    Im on disk 5 now....thanks for putting that out!!!



    • KenBoorman
      Citizen of Tanelorn
      • Jan 2004
      • 222

      I just finished listening to my Elric audiobook. It is wonderful - very well done Fred. Jeff West Does a great job at bringing the whole thing to life. It was really interesting to hear Michael's accent at the beginning too :)
      I look forward to hearing your other products now.
      All you Canadians out there can click on my sig below and take a look at the audiobook. I am pleased to be able to offer this gem to everyone :)
      Ken Boorman
      Purveyor of the Runestaff and Stormbringer Legends


      • Grey Mouser
        Champion of the Balance
        • Dec 2003
        • 1433

        Thanks Fred, I'm looking forward to getting myself a copy of this. When I heard the voice samples of Mike reading the saga elswhere on this site I was hoping a project like this would be in the works. I like that with an audiobook you can do some painting or other creative pursuit at the same time as listening, or you can just sit back and close your eyes and completely immerse yourself in the experience.


        • Guest's Avatar

          Elric Audiobook

          Thanks for the kudos Y'all.
          This has been an incredibly fun project, I am looking forward to the next one.