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Multiversal echoes

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  • Multiversal echoes

    In the 6th corum book there is the island of the Mallibann with Satric and Terhali and the ruby throne , trashed. Is that like a alternate melnibone or something? And there are tons of repeated names, like cornelius aand maxximillion etc

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    There are lots of echoes throughout MM's work

    e.g. Mavis Ming appears in The Chinese Agent and at the End of Time with Fireclown from The Winds of Limbo. Jephraim Tallow from The Golden Barge (which includes reference to Melibone and to Slorm) appears in Gloriana - more recently the Isle of Morn appeared in The Dreamthief's Daughter and King of the City. I could go on, but I think you get my drift....

    It is these echoes that add an additional layer of enjoyment for me in reading Mike's work.
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      And he weaves them back in as the books get revised- like re-reading recent edition of the Bastable books there is the smell of Roses, a guest appearance from Zenith and the Stalin character also seems more closely linked with Gaynor/Paul thingy than I remember, plus Bastable spouts some stuff straight from the world of the Second Ether. (While in Revenge of the Rose, Arioch says he is "Captain of the 'Random Particle' ").

      I like the fact that it isn't particularly spelt out or logical. The different 'universes' of the books seem to operate by different laws, so Jerry Cornelius and Bastable never seem to end up far away from our own sphere.


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        My favorite update in the Bastable series was the trouble-maiking scout leader in Warlord of the Air who was changed to Reagan. Very appropriate.

        The echoes really reward long-time readers. I like that I can read King of the City and find a Bastable who is a balloon pilot, or The English Assassin and find Pyat. The ambiguity of it all is what is probably most rewarding to me. It doesn't have to make sense that Mrs. Cornelius is both Pyat's inspiration and Jerry's mother, or that both Bastable and Cathy love Una P. When characters show up in many places, it makes me imagaine the stories differently, and keeps me from taking the stories at face value, even if I can't resolve some of the contradictions. Much more fun to think and read.


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          The echoes are like cameos for me. I love them and I love looking for them. Also, though, they usually have more purpose than a simple cameo. I think Mr. M. uses these echos as a way to illistrate the diversity of the multiverse through...

 my train of thought, fire alarm went off.

          I think Mr. M. uses these echos as a way to illistrate--maybe not the diversity--but the idea of various versions of the same things as they exit on different scales. Also, you have to wonder if its maybe not a different version of Melnibonأ© but actually Melnibonأ© as seen through others' eyes.

          I think I was going to say more, but that fire alarm made me forget it all.
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            This bugs me a bit. In the lee serward story, there is a the man with no navel, . Is that Jephraim Tallow of golden barge? Also is serward like echo of yeti in 1st corum book who gets trashed.


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              I know now its not jephraim tallow, wierd story. But the other still stands.Reminder to self READ BOOK BEFORE SAYING