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I don't believe it/Can someone help me out?

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  • I don't believe it/Can someone help me out?


    For some reason, throughout the years, I have found that I only have the first two Elric books (I can't find the third). I know, I know, I know, strap me to the Chaos Wheel.

    Anyhow, my wife and I decided to walk up Frankfort Ave (I live in Louisville) to get a bite to eat and stopped in at Carmichael's bookstore as an afterthought. I have been riding the bus all week due to my car breaking down and decided to re-read the two Elric books with the thought that I would pick up the others once I have some extra cash. So, I thought I may get one tonight or at the very least, order a couple. Well, to my dismay, clerk, who wasn't very friendly, asked if they had ever been released "over here". I kinda laughed to myself and said, "Yeah, they've been around since about '72." He then replied they were out of print. I thought he was nuts, I mean, c'mon, Elric has been a cornerstone of Fantasy Lit since I can remember (and I was born in '74). I mean every fantasy game, from pen and paper RPGs to PC games, has had some sort of reference to Elric and Stormbringer. Too many to even shake a stick at.

    So, I came home, did an internet search (that's how I thankfully found this web page, containing more things than I can imagine considering I'm a little bit of a political activist. However, a few book store searches brought up a lot of Moorcock's books with this one little sentence in red under about everyone of them:


    I can't believe it. I have seen references to auctions and the one link on the bottom left about a person having a bunch of books but I can't believe that no company in America or anywhere else (I live in a global community after all in my opinion) is printing these books. Perhaps I didn't search hard enough before writing this and I apologize for such a lengthy post on such a simple question but I am shocked, dumbfounded and discomboobalated. Especially when Fantasy is on a high right now (thanks to the LOTR flicks).

    So, I thank you if you have read this far and can anyone, please, help me get the other Elric books and if possible, in the future, many of the others for the idea of Elric and the world(s) he inhabits have stuck with me since childhood.


    chris hambrick aka

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    Not quite sure why my username didn't pop up on the previous account but just checking here and setting up a repy notification.

    I apologize. :)


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      Welcome, Chris! It is frustrating isn't it? But fear not, you have avenues open to you. MM himself approves of Jayde Design; you can e-mail them at [email protected]. Let them know what you're looking for, or ask for a list of available books.

      Also, one of the recent threads in which this was discussed can be found here: [broken link]

      Good luck! :)
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        They have just about any book you're looking for.

        Here's the list of titles for Elric (the original six books, two of which you have)

        Elric of Melnibone
        Sailor on the Seas of Fate
        Weird of the White Wolf
        The Vanishing Tower
        The Bane of the Blacksword

        Or they come in two volumes which can be found in many bookstores (and at Amazon). Plus you get two other stories in them!

        Elric: Song of the Black Sword:

        Elric of Melnibone
        Fortress of the Pearl
        Sailor on the Seas of Fate
        Weird of the White Wolf

        Elric: The Stealer of Souls:

        The Vanishing Tower
        Revenge of the Rose
        The Bane of the Blacksword

        The other two titles can also be found separately.

        Here's a thread from this site that lists most of Michael Moorcock's books:

        [broken link]

        Good luck with your Elric hunting! :D
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          Thou art not alone, Brother!

          Many's the time I have gone to a bookstore, only to find books by Moorcock, Vance, Zelazny (and more too numerous to mention) are out of print. Yet the shelves are crammed with endless crap Star Trek/Star Wars/ Babylon 5 etc. tie-in novels.

          This is why I rarely go bookstores!

          I frequently go to ABE (alreday mentioned here) and also Bookfinder, a new & used site; I think they have a few sellers that ABE doesn't have. I highly reccomend ABE!
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            I want to thank you all and I will be following up those leads.
            As to going to bookstores, I rarely go myself and when I do, I stay away from the end of the SF/Fantasy section for that same fact, all the franchise books (though I have read some, namely Shadowrun and Warhammer(Warhammer that dark, gothic feel I like :) ).

            As a side note, I remember going to see the movie "Reign of Fire". I don't think it is a wonderful movie but after a holiday season of seeing nothing but blockbuster, megasize franchise movies (Starwars and LOTR(though I love it)), it was a pleasent break of fresh air.

            Anyhow, I thank you again and I believe you may be seeing me around here a bit more.

            Great site and meeting place!