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Sex and the Second Ether

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  • Sex and the Second Ether

    *** Warning: Mature Readers Only ***

    This is what happens when you try to read “The War Amongst the Angels” and Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” at the same time...

    I started relating Mr M’s descriptions of the Second Ether to Mlle de Beauvoir’s descriptions of the female “orgasm”, just as I recognized in her descriptions of selfish lovers the influence of the Original Insect. You can take this as seriously as you want to, but I thought it was worth noting if only for my own peace of mind...

    From “The Second Sex”:
    “Male sexual feeling rises like an arrow; when it reaches a certain height or threshold, it is fulfilled and dies abruptly in the orgasm; the pattern of the sex act is finite and discontinuous. Feminine sex enjoyment radiates throughout the whole body... a system of waves that rhythmically arise, disappear and re-form, attain from time to time a paroxysmal condition, become vague, and sink down without ever quite dying out. Because no definite term is set, woman’s sex feeling extends towards infinity.” p.120

    From “The War Amongst the Angels”:
    “Life is a river and each of our myriad destinies a tributary which itself creates tributaries, which in turn create tributaries. This is the nature of Chaos, forever creative, forever fecund, forever unchecked, the romance of entropy. That is why the Singularity, which represents unchallenged Law, is so determined to contain it... Within Law’s cold heartland, rationality rules... Neatness is elevated to a virtue and called Order.” p. 28

    From “The Second Sex”:
    “Success does not require a mathematical synchronization of feeling, as in the over-simplified belief of many meticulous men, but the establishment of a complex erotic pattern. Many believe that to ‘make’ a woman feel pleasure is a matter of time and technique, indeed of violent action; they do not realize to what degree woman’s sexuality is conditioned by the total situation.” p. 121

    Thus, to try to impose a linear perspective on Time or the Second Ether is, ultimately, as unsatisfying as a man trying to impose his own schedule on a woman’s pleasure.

    Are the Chaos Engineers simply engaged in foreplay with the Multiverse, while the Singularity tries to “tame” it and take it home to Mother? Is the multiverse female? Discuss. Or don’t.

    I’m off to give my brain a cold shower.


    PS. In case you’re curious, “fecund” means “fertile”.
    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild

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    I think you're on to something CrowSeer... If the references aren't intentional, they're definitley there nonetheless.