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What's the deal with Von Bek?

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  • What's the deal with Von Bek?

    I got the idea that the Von Bek family is keepers of the holy grail, but I want to know more of the backstory. Is there anything I can read to get a better concept of Von Bek?

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    Have you read The Warhound and the World's Pain? It tells the story of how the Grail came to the family. If you're in the UK, you might be able to find the Von Bek omnibus, which has Warhound, as well as its sequel The City in the Autumn Stars. The Dragon in the Sword also contains lots of information on the von Beks. But Warhound is definitely the place to start.


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      Thanks for the tips Keele. Warhound and the World's Pain, got it.