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Dragon in the Sword and Dreamthief's Daughter

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  • Dragon in the Sword and Dreamthief's Daughter

    I am a fan of Mr. Moorcock's bokks, altough being Italian I have a relatively difficult to read his books, as they are translated and edited sparingly here. Now that I understand better English, I will try to read the originals, but until now, I had seldom the chance to enjoy the Multiverse saga.

    I have been surprised and delighted finding that in "Dragon in the sword" and "Dreamthief's Daughter" Von Beck lives through very similar events, yet different, alongside a different incarnation of the eternal champion.

    How that should be taken? They are two different incarnations (parallel worlds version, in comics language) of Von Beck? or is the same, and events have "transformed" his adventure in the Middle Lands?

    Also, are there similar events in the Moorkcock's production? retelling of old adventure with partially altered happenings/characters?

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    The von Bek family are closely linked to the multiverse, the Balance etc.

    The first Ulrich (from Warhound) and Ulric are incarnations of the Eternal Champion, the Ulrich from Dragon is more a Companion like Moonglum or Jhary-a-Conel, whereas Rickhardt (from The Brothel in Rosenstrasse) is more an anti-hero along the lines of Karl Glogauer.

    The cross linkages are a fascination of mine and it is a bit of a game for me to try and spot them!
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      The multiverse is made up of infinite scales, each one a shade different from the next. Familiar names and faces often pop up in different roles. Read the 2nd Ether trilogy and you will come to understand this much better.


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        It's like different aspects of the same person in different dimensions. In multiversal theory there are infinite numbers of us in similar, but slightly different situations. For instance in another universe, I might've gone to college and actually done something great with my life. LOL