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Bootleg White Wolf Omnibus?

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  • Bootleg White Wolf Omnibus?

    A few months ago, I purchased a copy of the White Wolf edition of Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand off of ebay, and received something very strange. The book is clearly smaller than the other White Wolf HC Eternal Champion books I have, and the cover and dust jacket seem to be made out of different material, with the cover clearly lacking the indentation that the other HCs have.

    However, the pages themselves are perfectly formatted, exactly the same as every other White Wolf HC, and it even matches the correct page count. Given that there's no ebook version of the white wolf omnibuses, and the text clearly isn't copied from another edition, I began to question how a bootleg would even be made in the first place. I would assume that you would have to scan the pages of the book and then print copies of them, but there's no evidence of pixelation or shadows as if the pages were digitally scanned.

    Anyways, I was mainly wondering if anyone else had any encounters with or knows of the existence of bootleg Eternal Champion omnibuses, or if there's anything else this could be (like some sort of strange reprinting). I've never encountered bootleg books before, but when it comes to other media like DVDs, the bootlegs generally make no attempt to look like an actual official copy, so I thought this was strange.


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    Dear Retro,

    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that it might be a book-club edition, although I wasn't aware of any in relation to White Wolf's series.

    The addition of a five-digit code (+ no price) on the back cover would certainly suggest that.




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      That would make sense. The printing quality seemed to legit to me to be unofficial. Thanks


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        This could be the edition you are looking for: