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Your First Moorcock 2020

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  • Your First Moorcock 2020

    Mine was the Lancer edition of Stealer of Souls. I read it in about ‘72, maybe ‘73. For a lot of years I thought it was Stormbringer. But, then, I saw the Lancer cover in the Image Hive and properly recalled matters. It was a great way to pass a stormy weekend in the San Juans. It was also a perfect next step from ERB to REH to MM. these were tough times, economically, here in the Jet City. It was good, clean fun at a reasonable price. Though, I did hide it so that my parents wouldn’t think I was worshipping the devil.
    Kevin McCabe
    The future is there, looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become. William Gibson

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    Would have Been Elric of Melnibone wayback in my Teens. It was hte beginning of a long Moorcockian journey! :)


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      There used to be a very small, but packed floor to ceiling bookstore where I used to live by the name of Bookland. They primarily sold paperbacks from all genres and had a very extensive science fiction and fantasy section and it was always a fun place to go and see what you could find. They weren't a used bookstore, but carried a lot of new old stock and whatever the price was on the cover was the price you paid. So, even if it was a paperback from the 60's or 70's you would only pay change for it or a $1 or so and when you are a kid that's fantastic because you didn't have too much money with you anyway. I recall being around 12 or so going in the bookshop and finding the DAW edition of Mike's Bane Of The Black Sword, the one with that amazing Michael Whelan cover art. The cover first attracted me because it had a very Dungeons and Dragons look to it and at the time I had just started playing the RPG with friends, so I decided to give the book a go. I was for ever hooked on Moorcock after that!
      "He found a coin in his pocket, flipped it. She called: 'Incubus!'
      'Succubus,' he said. 'Lucky old me.'" - Michael Moorcock The Final Programme