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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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A Multiverse Lending Library

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  • SERPNTA1267
    For me, I don't have a problem borrowing books and reading them and giving them back but I don't want to borrow Mike's books because I collect them ( they are the only books I collect ). Years ago, a friend lent me several books about Hawkmoon and he never got them back ( and never will ). In my defense, I lent him a lot of music which he lost so I concidered it payback.
    I have lent out my hardback copies of the Elric Saga to a couple friends and it took years to get them back. Now, I'm not so big on doing that anymore. I'm afraid I won't get my books back.

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  • Rothgo
    Well, you know what a religious lot we are on this site
    "Never a borrower or a lender be"

    Perhaps I should make up a placard and have a march up and down in front of my local library: ain't been there in ages and during my protest (lunch) break, I could nip in for a good ol' browse...

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  • David Mosley
    Since I first opened the Lending Library over two years ago the take up has been virtually nil; just two borrowers (neither of whom returned the books they borrowed).

    I'm not sure why the project failed, perhaps people don't feel comfortable borrowing other people's books - even if they're spare copies not treasured first editions - or maybe the postage costs (domestic or international) 'spooked' them; or perhaps it's too easy to buy their own copies of Mike's books from eBay, ABEbooks and other outlets?

    Whatever the reason, it seems that while the supply is there the demand for the service isn't, so I'm going to 'unstick' this thread and let it sink into the oblivion of the forum. The offer still stands but I won't be publicising it any more.


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  • Kipper
    I must admit that I have copies of all on the list. Except for the two Von Bek novels and Mother London. As a total newbie to this most excellent site, I intend to re-read the majority of my collection before my lack of knowledge (not to mention my befuddled memory) embarrasses me! Perhaps I can borrow them at a later date - if I can't pick them up in the meanwhile? I keep seeing references to ebay around this site. That may be a good place to look......

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  • David Mosley
    Well, you might be right Kipper, but these are all 'duplicates' and what I consider 'reading copies' (apart from the foreign language editions, that is) so if that's the case I'd hope borrowers would be reassured they needn't worry.

    Of course, it might be that everyone's read them all anyway.

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  • Kipper
    Perhaps folks are scared to borrow something they might inadvertantly damage? I'd be mortified if I borrowed a book from you and one of my kids ate it! Some items are too precious to entrust to the post as well - I get a weekly sci-fi comic by subscription, one in five or six always have battered edges or ripped corners. It is a good idea though!

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  • David Mosley
    It's only a good idea if people use it. So far, uptake has been somewhat on the slow side.

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  • David Mosley
    Originally posted by voilodian ghagnasdiak
    That is such a kind and generous offer, Dave. Im too far away and surer than shite something would get damaged in transit.However that is a wonderful gesture, thanks for the opportunity!
    While I'd prefer any books I lend to be treated with care, I'm not really listing anything that if it got lost would be a terrible crisis. A lot of the books were bought so I could scan the covers for the Image Hive (Gallery as was), so their primary purpose has been served. Now they're just sitting on top of a bookcase gathering dust. I suppose I could list them on eBay, but the hassle of doing so means I'd rather offer them in the way I'm doing.

    So please if there's anything that catches your eye let me know.

    Originally posted by L'Etranger
    Extremely generous offer. And amazing that you should own foreign language editions too.
    Ahhhm: German version of THE FINAL PROGRAMME really published by Bastei-Lübbe, not Heyne?
    Again, the foreign editions were bought so I could get decent quality scans for the Hive.* I don't read German and my French is pretty basic. And yes, all the Cornelius novels are by Bastei-Lübbe, even TFP; they're a uniform set as it happens.

    *Which now appear to be missing from there. In fact, I've just noticed there's a huge amount of work missing from the Hive, which suggests its harvested from a much older backup than the Q&A. I'll have to drop Berry a line about that in Eldren Technology.

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  • L'Etranger
    Extremely generous offer. And amazing that you should own foreign language editions too.
    Ahhhm: German version of THE FINAL PROGRAMME really published by Bastei-Lübbe, not Heyne?

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  • voilodian ghagnasdiak
    That is such a kind and generous offer, Dave. Im too far away and surer than shite something would get damaged in transit.However that is a wonderful gesture, thanks for the opportunity!

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  • David Mosley
    started a topic A Multiverse Lending Library

    A Multiverse Lending Library

    Over the last few years I've acquired a number of duplicate Moorcock books that aren't part of my main collection. Although I'm reluctant to part with them, they're not doing very much at present, so I'm happy to lend them out to anyone who'd like to borrow them to read.

    I'm prepared to lend 3-4 books (i.e. three individual books, a trilogy or a quartet) out at a time to a single borrower for the cost of postage. I'm resident in the UK, but this offer is open to non-UK members also long as they're prepared to pay for international shipping.

    The period of loan is flexible but not open-ended.

    If you're interested in borrowing anything, post a reply below or PM me. I'll update the list as books go in and out of circulation.

    List of books:

    The Stealer of Souls
    The Singing Citadel
    The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
    The Vanishing Tower

    The Jewel in the Skull
    The Mad God's Amulet
    The Sword of the Dawn
    The Runestaff
    Count Brass
    The Champion of Garathorm
    The Quest for Tanelorn

    The Knight of the Swords
    The Queen of the Swords
    The King of the Swords
    The Bull and the Spear
    The Oak and the Ram
    The Sword and the Stallion

    The Eternal Champion
    Phoenix in Obsidian
    The Dragon in the Sword

    Michael Kane
    City of the Beast
    Lord of the Spiders
    2x Master of the Pit

    Von Bek
    The City in the Autumn Stars
    The Dragon in the Sword

    Karl Glogauer
    Breakfast in the Ruins

    Jherek Carnelian
    An Alien Heat

    Oswald Bastable
    The Land Leviathan

    Jerry Cornelius

    A Cure for Cancer
    The English Assassin

    Byzantium Endures

    2x The Sundered Worlds
    The Blood Red Game
    The Shores of Death
    The Black Corridor
    The Winds of Limbo
    2x The Time Dweller
    Mother London
    The Ice Schooner

    French Editions
    La Masion de Rosenstrasse (The Brothel in Rosenstrasse)

    German Editions
    Miss Brunners letztes Programm (The Final Programme)
    Das Cornelius-Rezept (A Cure For Cancer)
    Ein Mord fur England (The English Assassin)
    Das Lachen des Harlekin (The Condition of Muzak)
    Entropie-Tango (The Entropy Tango/The Distant Suns)
    Byzanz ist überall (Byzantium Endures)
    Last edited by David Mosley; 10-02-2008, 03:09 PM.