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EC´s versions in other fictional universe?

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  • EC´s versions in other fictional universe?

    Hi, folks!
    As we know Mikeآ´s Multiverse is a very comprising concept: all and any fictional universe is contained in Multiverse too.
    I was thinking about this:
    A little time ago it was posted here a thread about how the Mikeآ´s influence is very wide, for instance over Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison...
    The Mikeآ´s work are excellent and I agreed the afirmation above and I add:
    Because of this positive influence I suppose there are some ECآ´s versions in other fictional universes. I comment two examples, both Jim Starlinآ´s comics:
    - Adam Warlock, who uses a "vampire gem";
    - Dreadstar.


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    Possibly this man?