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Review of Skrayling Tree

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  • Review of Skrayling Tree

    Hey guys, I posted a review of The Skrayling Tree here:

    [broken link]

    Hope you guys check it out!
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    Did so and I thought well written. :)


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      Thanks man. It would be nice if the rest of the guy here wrote on too. Don't ya think?


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        Thanks guys!!! I will try to post some more reviews. I wonder if we can post non-Moorcock reviews?


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          From what I read it seems ok...


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            "The Skrayling Tree" is very rich stuff, very intelligent, full of knowledge of other places and literature, and it has a very compelling drive. A mature work that should be in everybody's bookshelf who's a serious reader.
            Thanks for the excellent synopsis, dlakey!

            Google ergo sum


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              Must get myself a credit card and order from Amazon (do they take cheques?) I've been looking forward to this but it's out of print in England.
              I used to read and enjoy the old Norse sagas and read of the Skraylings in a book called the Vinland saga, which also described the ill-fated Greenland colony.

              I'm intrigued to find out how Mike ties in the Elric with Norse and Native American mythos. Time for me to check out your review Damian.


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                Amazon will take a check. Just click that's the kind of payment you want to make, print up the receipt and send it and the check to the address printed on the paper.

                I liked Skrayling Tree too and can't wait for Son of the White Wolf.