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'The Elric Saga' - Help needed from a Spanish fan

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  • beyondthepale99
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    • Apr 2005
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    'The Elric Saga' - Help needed from a Spanish fan

    Hi all,

    I'm a Spanish Moorcock fan and I'm looking for these two books released by the Science Fiction Book Club ( They are 'The Elric Saga Part III' -containing 'The fortress of the pearl' and 'The revenge of the rose'- and 'The Elric Saga Part IV' -which contains 'The skrayling tree', 'The dreamthief's daughter' and 'The white wolf's son'-.

    As I don't live in the USA, I cannot apply to be a member of SFBC. So, if anybody here is a member of the aforementioned site and wishes to help me, I'd be more than grateful. Obviously, I'd pay for the books and shipping costs. Thanks in advance,


    PS Please, let me know via private message and/or email. Thanks!
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