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  • Your favourite items in your collection

    I was just wondering what your most prized books are in your collection?
    I must have about 200+ in my collection, of these, I am quite fond of :
    Gloriana - 1st U.S. edition(Avon Books)..with beautiful interior illustrations by Elizabeth Malczynski.
    The Jade Man's Eyes - (Unicorn).
    The Jerry Cornelius Quartet (boxset)
    The Dancers At The End Of Time (boxset)

    There are more first editions in there somewhere...hmm, must go for a root around...

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    :twisted: I have some old corum books 1 to5 and a fireclown book all from the 70s8os to thhe last corum book the90s There badly printed and the chapters follow on after each other mid page, by granda, I ve steered away from Granada from now on, they cant all be bad though. I wondered if the fireclown books worth something its fireclown as opposed to the other title. I used to have a beautiful book that had a sky ship on the front and seemed to tie in with the eternal champions series and mentioned bwdyth a horn on the back. It was probably to rescue Tanelorn or the last Hawkmoon book.But it didnt look like it. It was a paperback as the others are, Ive got the omnibuss now amd blood trilogy and various others. 8)


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      Hi Yolanda,
      The Fireclown was also published as The Winds of Limbo. I have just had a root around my collection, and I do indeed have a first edition of The Fireclown(1965 compact SF / Roberts & Vinter ltd).It has a nice 3/6 price tag still attached, and a cracking picture of a young and dashing M.M. on the back!
      I'm not sure about the book with the skyship on the cover. It could be a few....The Nomad Of Time, or The City In the Autumn Stars...
      Im do not know if my copy of The Fireclown is worth anything. I do know however that it cost me آ£1, and to me that is a bargain.


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        Its hard to say which is my most treasured MM book. I really treasure my battered old Dancers complete just cuz its given me hours of entertianment. I have three of the Savoy ones which I really like, especially My experiences in the Third World War, but all three have pages going brown.
        I have a paper back copy of the Black Corridor which has a photo of a very naff looking spacship on it, a very bad version of the green thuderbird. Its in the its so bad its a classic territory.
        MEEP !


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          I have two that are most treasured:

          Tales From the Texas Woods (which I would love to have signed someday)

          and signed omnibus volume Count Brass


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            I like my Mike and artists signed Dreamthief's Daughter.


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              I'm not much of a collector, really. I have a large MM collection, but I really only keep the books so I can read them. One edition is much the same as another to me (aside from editorial differences). I do have a nice Elric print signed by Robert Gould though.


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                I love my DCآ´s Stormbringer trade paperback with pencils by P. Craig Russell. Most of my other books are spanish editions.


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                  Hey The SphinxGod.

                  i was once in Cornwall at some village fate a few years ago and i stumbled across a whole box with 50+ MM books. - Including some New worlds stuff which is quite cool. After careful debate with the old geezer selling them i managed to get the whole lot for آ£5 - a bargain.

                  Looking through the books they look like they were mostly released in the 70's, I'm pretty proud of that collection of books!!!

                  One of the finest moments in my life!

                  ......One of the funiest things i have seen written on a MM book has to be on the back of my Black Corridor book it says "take a trip down the black corridor with Moorcock" ha ha!


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                    Originally posted by SteffyB
                    ......One of the funiest things i have seen written on a MM book has to be on the back of my Black Corridor book it says "take a trip down the black corridor with Moorcock" ha ha!
                    Yeah, but it could be worse... imagine if they used Moorcock's first name instead:
                    "take a trip down the black corridor with Michael". I would not let a kid read this book! Even more if that kid is my child.


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                      I had the lucky find of a 'book club' edition of The Black Corridor published by Ace books in 1969. The dust jacket illustration by Leo and Diane Dillon is a disturbing depiction of madness. But the thing that really got me about this find was a piece of paper tucked in the pages. An advertisement titled 'things to come' which is dated 'summer 1970'. Put out by 'The Science Fiction Book Club' of 'Garden City, New York' the tract advertises books that will be out soon. 'Sea-Horse in the Sky by Edmund Cooper',and 'Neanderthal Planet by Brian W. Aldiss' are the two prominataly featured works with five other books given less ink. Though not really my favorite story by MM (I did rather enjoy the story, but my favorite story lies elsewhere) I still prize this particular book greatly.


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                        50 books all at once? You lucky lucky person I have never been that lucky in books.


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                          I am fond of my signed hardback copies of both Fortress of the Pearl and Revenge of the Rose. My old paperback omninus edition of Dancers at the End of Time and paperback copy of Stormbringer are also favourites of mine. For some reason I develop an attachment to the first copy of a book that I read even if it might now be old, yellowing and tatty.


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                            Gotta love my Elric @ The End Of Time with trippy pics by Rodney Matthews!


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                              Some of my favorites. I know there are more, but that would involve me getting up from my desk :lol:.
                              So, off the top of my head...

                              1st edition For Whom the Bell Tolls

                              1st edition Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (aka the Pickwick Papers)

                              1st American ed Anna Karenina

                              The complete collection of J.L. Stoddards Lectures - 14 volumes.

                              1st edition Lord of the Rings with all maps.

                              1st edition Silmarillion

                              1st American edition Silas Marner

                              And the ones you all would actually care about...

                              1st edition Revenge of the Rose

                              1st edition Stormbringer - signed

                              If you didn't guess, I collect books as a hobby. Although I don't have enough money to do it seriously. Someday, ah someday. I am trying to build up my library. I want to have one of those rooms with the two story high bookshelves and the ladders attached to runners so they can slide along the shelves . Dark oak (or cherry) bookshelves lining the walls. You know the kind I mean, I'm sure. Need some estate for that.

                              Ah, I really want Master Ultan's Library.
                              When they had advanced together to meet on common
                              ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
                              and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
                              each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
                              mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
                              killing, and the ground ran with blood.

                              Homer, The Illiad