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The best place online to buy Moorcock's books?

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    The best place online to buy Moorcock's books?


    Well, I've just discovered Moorcock and I'm trying to buy all the books I can before they went out of print. I started with (I live in Spain) and after placing everything I could find in the basket I found that the shipping costs were extremely high (most of the books are paperback editions and shipping costs make a difference).

    Do you know if are there other places online to buy books with lower shipping costs ? (Yes, I know, this question is mostly for non US or UK people)

    The Prime campaign looks great to me, but unfortunately is only for US residents.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Juan
  • DeeCrowSeer
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    I was hoping someone from closer to your home country would have some ideas, but if nothing else is suggested then you might try AbeBooks. Several members here have used them before, including myself, and they basically handle the money side of things, allowing you to buy from indidivudal sellers. I've checked and there are 17 titles listed for Spanish booksellers.

    This link should lead you to the search results, otherwise there's a button marked "Advanced Search" in the red bar at the top of their screen:

    Happy reading!
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      There's tons of bargains on ebay! :)
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        Thank you!

        Just a few lines to thank you for the address. It seems to be just what I was looking for !

        On the other hand, I'm going to read Moorcock in English. Reading other authors (Leiber, Tolkien, Pratchett, etc) make a difference in English.