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  • Corum...Please!

    I have always read about people reading/loving Elric stories as there prime choice of character.
    Believe me, I very much enjoy him myself but...

    I Always thought the Corum stories were so much more realistic(in my book) and entertaining!
    As anti-heros go I think Ganor has nothing going on Glandyth a-Krae!!(Okay...I know...A little difference in character makeup but...)

    The first Corum, trilogy was the greatest set of stories I have yet to encounter!
    The way Mr. Moorcock brought this all about, made it the most enjoyable read I believe to of ever of had!!(And I have read hundereds!)

    PS Just wondering if you will ever(Mr. Moorcock)explore this wonderfull story/character again?(Maybe give us the lowdown on Rhynn and Kwll-A story I always thought left untold!-)

    Well, I know your not a miracle worker( not having so much time on your hands), but hey I thought I would give it a shot!

    Thank you for the great times you have given me thus far, and hoping to see more to come.
    Eternal thanks...-Berserker-

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    Sorry bout that!

    I wrote this same forum before, but did not know how to delete the non-user name post!!


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      :twisted:I think they should do a kwll and ryyn short story novella thing, that would be cool. 8) :) There is a horrible amount of killing and torture in the books . They were next to the first mm books i owned 1to5 i bought , with the fireclown all from the 70ds to 90s with mind f### pictures on the front. I was shocked when i first read them , wander wander vile experience it was disturbing. But my copies are badly printed and the chapters run after each other mid page. I think they are intimate , like you are following the characters. The characters are softer less ruthless. I got the full omnibus later of course . I think ther shoud be more corum books and more on all the characters.


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        Yes, Corum chronicles are among my faves along with Hawkmoon and Von Bek.


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          this is a bad related joke. Why was kerenos upset?Cos someone struck him in his goolegh! 8)


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            The books 123 are a little unusual. They keep going back to the characters worst experience and the past every so often. This is a little bit like stuffing, or a way of writing. :) Which is it?


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              I prefered the 2nd Corum trilogy to the first. I'm not sure why, it just felt clicked better, the 1st Corum trilogy just seemed to be Corum, Jhary and Corum's wife going into weird dimensions to fight the Lords of Chaos. The 2nd trilogy was much more exciting and the final book-The Sword and the Stallion was breathtaking.


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                The corum books would make a wicked rpg game! All mm books would be wicked games! The car don scene in book3 were there roping the hounds would be a awefull hard part, Thak thak missed agh im stuck! :twisted: Youd be there for ever, the whole games would be hard .


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                  I've been fortunate enough to find five Corum books thus far.

                  The first four books of Corum I found in a memorabilia shop; the first trilogy with kerazy covers as published by Mayflower, and The Bull and the Spear. In the same shop I also found the Count Brass trilogy.

                  I read the first trilogy over the course of two sick days and resolved not to start the second trilogy till I had all of them. I recently found The Sword and the Stallion (Book 6) in a charity shop and am on the hunt for the fifth one.

                  I prefer Elric's edgier adventures myself but the Corum books are even more packed with stuff happening (Robert Jordan I'm looking at you) than usual.


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                    Is the second trilogy better?

                    I did like the ideas in the knight of the swords etc... and some of the imagery was fantastic (like the giant arioch with humans crawling all over him like tiny fleas).

                    I was rather disapointed when Jhary and whiskers turned up (though you do have to love whiskers ;-)) and they started moving across the planes and stuff. I guess it became a lot more what I expect out of an eternal champion book, rather than a stand-alone story.

                    I often look for the second trilogy, to see what its like, but It seems to be difficult to track down.

                    I can't STAND Robert Jordon, after the seventh telephone-directory-sized addition to a story I expect some sort of conclusion to at least one plot thread and "the wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass" is NOT an excuse ;-)
                    \"It got worse. He needed something to cure himself. What? he asked. M-A 19 he answered.\"


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                      The 2nd Corum sequence is highly recommended M-A_19, very atmospheric, more Celtic in flavour, and less plane travelling if you're not too keen on that. There's a haunting sadness to this series.


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                        You can find the second triology online pretty easily. You can find it as The Chronicles of Corum or the Prince with the Silver Hand (which is the White Wolf omnibus). I think you can still buy the WW editions new on Amazon.

                        Ordering online is not quite the same as finding a copy in your local bookstore. It's much more fun to discover a book you've been trying to find sitting on a shelf in an out of the way place...


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                          I was getting wistful, thinking about good dusty bookstores, and forgot to add that I know there are new copies of the UK editions on


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                            Yeah, I've just looked and noticed the hardback edition IS available on amazon. I'd been fooled by them listing the paperback edition as out of print.

                            thanks for the tip.
                            \"It got worse. He needed something to cure himself. What? he asked. M-A 19 he answered.\"


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                              i have both Corum volumes on ebay right now