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The Balance Lost - Artwork

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  • The Balance Lost - Artwork

    Sorry folks: two issues in and my will to love it is being stretched by internal artwork that leaves me cold. Page count feels low in that I can see the outline of a story building up, but the snippet that is one issue, split by 6 eternal champions to date (I'm glad to see it has already gone beyond the four), moves this very much into collected TPB territory rather than month/month publications.

    Anyway, to thread point: internal art (pens and colour): what's the good and bad from different POVs?

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    I quite like the artwork, it has good solid colours and design in my opinion. The story does seem to be abit all over the place at the momment but Im sure its going to come together well, the graphic novel of the whole series will be a must-buy in my opinion!

    Overall I am really pleased with the comic, its good seeing all the elements being brought together - Im hoping some End of Time characters will appear at some point.
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      I too love the artwork.
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