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Date in Elric's Part in Skrayling Tree

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  • Date in Elric's Part in Skrayling Tree


    I know I am committing a terrible act of blasphemy towards the esteemed Mr. Moorcock but has anybody else wondered about the incompatibility of the dates mentioned in Elric's Part in the Skrayling Tree ?

    He comes to this world in 900. He comes from a newly conquered Jerusalem which indicated that the time is not long after 1099. On the other hand he tells that he helped to found the Knight Templars, which were founded in 1118. And it is also written that the Pope called for a Crusade in 1148 - but the Second Crusade was called in 1145.

    <Another Nitpick>
    And he seems to get laid by a prioress which is according to the description seen as an act of mercy by the other nuns which seems kinda incompatible with with the most common definition of celibate.

    Sorry could not resists. Probably some kind of Historian's Disease.


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    Speaking of laid.


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      You're trying to compare the real world to a fantasy world. Comparing history to an alternate history just doesn't work.
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        Except for the part about Nuns getting laid, that's probably equally true in both worlds.
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          about the dates, you have to remember that Elric is having a thousand year dream. To his perspective, a century or two might not be a terribly long time.

          as far as the nuns go, just because a group has a certain policy it doesn't necessarily follow that all members of that group will live by that policy every moment. I would assume we're supposed to see this as a bit unusual, and a testament to Elric's special charisma :)


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            Actually, it was implied in the book that this was far from unusual. I'm sure there is some real historical basis for this too, as we must remember that the Church was all powerful at this time and that people could buy off their sins with indulgences. A lot of our current ideas of Christian purity didn't show up until the Puritans rebelled in England.
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