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Im so pissed...

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  • Im so pissed...

    So how about this. Ive never read Von Bek. I REALLy want to. I bought it off of ebay. I sent the money order for it. The seller emailed me a confirmation that she got my Money order, and that she was gonna mail it 2 mondays ago. I have yet to receive it. The seller wont reply to my emails or phone calls. Im SO PISSED OFF!! The worst part is, the only places i can find it want a ridiculous amount of money for it. WHAT AM I GONNA DO!?!?!?!?

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    Hey, buddy.

    Von Bek is relatively easy to pick up here in ol' Blighty. Maybe try Failing that, I'm sure someone on here could easily grab you a copy?
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      Its out of print here in the US, so the only copies left are ones on EBay or in used book shops online. Ive managed to find some but theyre always like twice the cover price, and seeing as my Mother in Law got killed on monday and my wife has been out of work all week, the funds are gonna be kinda tight for a while. If anyone runs across a copy for a reasonable price, please let me know.


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        You can report her to Ebay and let them take care of it. They can maybe help you. If that doesnt work they will probably take her selling privilages away. Look on the Ebay website for where to report it.


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          Ive done all that, im waiting to hear back about it though.


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            I saw a copy last week at a shop for $9.00. I'm probably going there this weekend, and if it's still there, I'll pick it up for you. I'll post here if I do find it.


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              Thatd be awesome, let me know. I'd gladly reimburse you.


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                Did you keep your M.O. receipt? You can file with the post office and see if it's been deposited. They will send you a photocopy. There is a fee for this, but it's more ammo in your case against the seller.

                Doc's right. I have on occasion run across the omnibus edition used, if that's the one you want. Good luck. :)



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                  If any of you think eBay will do something about this, Im sorry to break your bubbles but they wont do a thing. eBay could care less whether sellers follow through or not as long as they get their commissions and nothing more. After nearly 6 years of eBaying I finally got ripped off a few months ago and I was one of about 2 dozen people this B*** screwed. What did eBay do about it? Allowed her to convert her feedback to private thereby hiding all the negs she was getting and to keep on selling...ripping people off....whatever you want to call it.

                  But dont think eBay is set for the seller either. I sell and buy and received a neg as a seller once because I refused the personal check that a bidder sent me. Why? My auction stated as plain as possible that I do not accept personal checks. I sent it back, she got mad and left me a neg about it. eBay said she did nothing wrong and they saw no grounds to remove the feedback...oh but they /could/ do it for a nominal FEE.....needless to say I told them what they could do with their 'nominal fee' .....

                  Never count on eBay to help you with anything....leave the seller a neg and just deal with the fact you got ripped off. :(
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                    Yeah, Ebay is getting on my nerves as well. Im over the fact that i lost my money. I just want to read the book so badly.


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                      I know a few people that have gotten ripped off repeatedly by eBay sellers, and eBay does nothing about it. My father, however, makes several purchases every month, and has yet to be ripped off even once. I suppose it's just like any other type of shopping: Buyer beware!