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The Maps in the Hawkmoon Stories

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  • The Maps in the Hawkmoon Stories

    I've been plodding along on my Grand Re-reading of the Tale of the Eternal Champion. While re-reading the Hawkmoon books, I noticed something about the map of Europe at the beginning. In the Millennium paperback version (1992) that I'm reading, the map is entitled: The World of Dorian Hawkmoon. However, in the White Wolf Hardcover (1995) edition, the map bears the title: The World of the Dark Empire. The latter version is credited to James Cawthorn (1994).

    OK, finally to the question: Is my recollection from the DAW editions (1977 or a 1985 reprint) that the map was titled The Realm of the Runestaff correct? I read these books for the first time in 1986, so my memory is not clear.

    Was there some copyright issue that necessitated changing the legend? Thanks!

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    You're right that it was the Realm of the Runestaff, TMP, by our very own Beezus.

    Don't know why it was retitled, though. Maybe John/Beezus might know, or even John Davey, who was involved with the Millenium and White Wolf reprints.
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      Well as best I remember it- I went with The Realm of the Runestaff because I liked the alliteration. And it was about the influence of the Runestaff on those parts of the world known in what remained of Europe.

      I have always deferred to the late great Jim Cawthorn on map matters-working on the principle that he was much closer to Michael, so probably had more insight into these things than I. I've never seen the other versions so I really can't answer. Perhaps John Davey will come up with a better answer.

      I can say that at the time I was probably more interested in the Runestaff than the character of Dorian Hawkmoon. I've always enjoyed the mystery of the object.


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        Gov and Beezus: Many thanks!

        I finished re-reading Hawkmoon today, just beginning to tuck into Corum.


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          Thanks for posting the map link. I love maps and think that all fantasy books should contain them!
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