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What about Mournblade...

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  • Jack
    Moonbeam Traveller
    • Jul 2004
    • 6

    What about Mournblade...

    Elric was the Melnibonean who possessed Stormbringer. Who was the lucky/unlucky Melnibonean who ended up with Mournblade besides Yyrkoon and if memory serves, Dyvim Tvar for a short period.

    On this Dyvim Tvar wielding Mournblade thing, correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
  • Bob
    Defender of the Runestaff
    • Dec 2003
    • 327

    That sounds about right.

    Don't forget about RavenBrand, too :)
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    • Dead-Air
      Eternal Champion
      • Jun 2004
      • 2737

      Well there's some suggestion in the Skrayling Tree that Ravenbrand (Von Bek's black sword) might actually be Mournblade, though when you're talking about interdimensional entities it's awful hard to say for sure...
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