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In Search of Moonglum!!!

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  • In Search of Moonglum!!!

    Can anyone help me...i really need some depictions of Moonglum,Zarozinia,Dyvim Tvar and a host of other characters from the Elric Chronicles...ANY Pushes in the right direction would be appreciated.

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    characters from the Elric Chronicles

    Wendy Pini's book: Stormbringer, An Animated Film Project has drawings of those characters. I found a copy of this book at my local library.


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      Thanks very much indeed,most kind of you Trinalor :D :D
      I will try to track it down!!


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        Wendy Pini's book

        No problem, Brainstorm, you're very welcome! Hopefully, your library will have a copy of this book as it is out of print. Amazon has some used copies for approx. $70. Good luck.