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6 Degrees of Moorcock's Multiverse

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  • 6 Degrees of Moorcock's Multiverse

    Inspired by the great movie game of 6 degrees of kevin bacon and the Moorcock-a-bet game in the forum, I thought it might be fun to combine the two. My idea as to how it might work, and feel free to take make changes: Take a character, place or item from any of the Moorcock books and link them to another character, place or item by listing the books. Example: Michael Moorcock to Oswald Bastable

    Michael Moorcock is The Rose's uncle in War Against the Angels. The Rose meets Elric in Revenge of the Rose. Elric meets Bastable in The Dreamthief's Daughter.

    Michael Moorcock to Bastable in 3 moves. And I'm sure there are other paths to take.

    Hey, it seemed novel at the time it occured to me.

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    Awright, howzabout: Elric to Lemmy?

    Two possible paths, here, I think:

    First:Lemmy was in Hawkwind. Hawkwind were the heroes in The Queens of Deleria, Elric helps the Hawks in Queens (bit iffy, though; Mr. M didn't actually write it, only came up with the concept)

    Second:Elric is aspect of The Eternal Champion. Jerry Cornelius is also an aspect of The Champion. Lemmy shows up in two Cornelius books: The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindel and the other I can't recall at the moment (maybe The Entropy Tango?)

    Hmmm . . . not quite in the exact mode of the game, but, it's the best I can think of right now
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      Perfect. I never even thought of that one.
      I Think it' so cool to see how people can interconnect characters thru M's work.

      I was beginning to think that no one was gonna give it a try.


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        this game was also described in Umberto Ecoآ´s Foucaults Pendulum. donآ´t know where it appeared first, though.

        letآ´s see...

        what about this, letآ´s modify a bit. the fewer steps one need is the winner!

        let me throw in that random one:

        from Taragorm to Running Through the Backbrain !

        good luck :D


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          oh and the second part is name of a Hawkind song Mr. Moorcock wrote the lyrics for.

          just for the record.


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            Before this goes any further, surely "x was an incarnation of x" must be disallowed as it makes the whole thing far too easy!

            Going back to the original post, if I remember correctly, wasn't Moorcock's grandfather a friend of Bastable? That does it in two!

            (the smartarse in me says "Moorcock created Bastable" and does it in one, but really isn't in the spirit of the thing, is it?)
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              I've not got them with me to check, but weren't both Elric and Lemmy guests at a party in one of the Cornelius novels? That's a "one-er" if correct.

              I'll have a look tonight....
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                Taragorm was a scientist who worked with time. In a time centre.
                "Time Centre" was a track by MM that appeared on a Hawks album.
                As was "Running Through the Back Brain"

                Ok, ok, that was really tenuous - "Time Centre" was the b-side of "Brothel in Rosenstrasse", but it does appear on the first "Friends and Relations" compilation, which is nearly a Hawks album.
                "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl f'tagn"


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                  I'm doing this from memory

                  Jerry Cornell to Jerry Cornelius

                  Jerry Cornell was in The Chinese Agent, as was Mavis Ming who also appeared with the Duke of Queens in The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming. The Duke of Queens appears with Una Persson in Elric at the End of Time and Una appears in many Cornelius stories with Jerry.

                  Now I've done that I have a vague memory that Jerry Cornell's wife Sally something appeared in a JC story - so that shortens it significantly.

                  Connections can be made from anyone to anything, I suspect, especially if Una, the Rose, Tanelorn, Mirenburg or Prinz Michael can be linked in.
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                    Connections can be made from anyone to anything, I suspect, especially if Una, the Rose, Tanelorn, Mirenburg or Prinz Michael can be linked in.
                    thatآ´s why it doesnآ´t reach to the nature of things... itآ´s just a funny game that Cornelius Winterbottom invented to distract the troops at the Bhutan invasion, but Oswald Bastable was against it, which turned the whole situation.


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                      Ran across this on Tor's website:

                      Six Degrees of Michael Moorcock