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Any Comments on Susan Sontag's Death?

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  • Any Comments on Susan Sontag's Death?

    Bit surprised nobody mentions this.
    Over here papers lament the loss of "America's Conscience". Maybe Susan Sontag was not seen as that in her own country?
    Liked many of her essays and comments on politics and society. Abu Ghraib and the omnipresence of images most recently, I recall. Another one I'll miss.

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    She was a great essayist and a capable critic. Her fiction I've always
    found problematical: it delivers much less than her talent seemed to
    promise. I'm happy enough with what she did well.

    She's been ill for a number of years, so her death wasn't a shock. Her
    perspective will be missed, as well as the effect of having her commentary
    to serve as counterweight to the prevailing sentiments expressed by
    the large media.



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      Did she die of cancer? I know she'd written some good stuff on this topic.
      \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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        Anyone who was ready to say exactly what they meant and felt, with no regard for current fashion or the risk of offence, is a sad loss. Particularly right now.


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          Very right, Perdix, particularly now!

          More about her death and links to obituaries in the following article:

          Note: "Der Spiegel" follows the American spelling in the word "honoring" ... .... degree of colonisation, ahem
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