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Is Rod Hull an incarnation of the Eternal Champion?

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  • Is Rod Hull an incarnation of the Eternal Champion?

    I was watching a documentary on Rod Hull last night and was fascinated by how much Emu was like Stormbringer. Every time Rod put him back in his box, and swore to try and make it without the power of Emu, he'd find himself drawn back. Like Stormbringer, Emu would also turn on his friends more than enemies.

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    Which would make Mournblade - Orville the Duck. 'I can't'.


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      Complete ignorance. Who's Rod Hull?
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        Originally posted by Jerico
        Complete ignorance. Who's Rod Hull?
        You lucky, lucky, lucky Americans. Don't ask!

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            tee hee hee :lol:


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              Maybe Half Man Half Biscuit wasn't such an incongrous contribution to the Moorcock-related bands thread -

              See also "Rod Hull is Alive - Why?", their eerily prophetic dissertation on the doom of that incarnation of the Champion. 8O
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