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  • Where people live

    I live in a pretty dull place and am interested in seeing some photos of the places where others live.

    Here are some photos representative of Warrington in the UK. Please post some pics of your town/city.

    P.S. Anyone stuck for upload space is welcome to e-mail me the pics and I'll put them on my space and send you back the image path for your post.



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    Very nice idea, Lydia, so here goes:

    I live about 3O miles away from a big city in Old Europe. I was born elsewhere, and moved here only five years ago. The local dialect is at times a bit hard to understand, but people are friendly and treat you respectfully. As with all country folk you better not try to become one of them, for you never will. Yet, being a stranger is not much of a problem for “L’Etranger�.

    One a sunny Sunday in spring I often enjoy have this perspective at about 4 m/h along hop fields and forrests:

    On my return, supposing it was already late, I would take a picture of the garden for my friends at MWM to see, but - too bad, Josie, the Scottish Terrier pops into the frame.

    Here at least a picture of the sky as the sun goes down at about the time our US West Coast forum members hatch from their beddies. The tree on the left carries pears in Summer, the other cherries, btw.

    And this, finally, is a place where I’m not, but would love to be: Southern Tuscany in bella Italia .
    Southern Sweden would also seem attractive, but I need warmer waters to swim in.

    And many thanks to Lydia for her help and upload space !

    Google ergo sum


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      Well, I only have a couple, neither are that interesting:

      Here, we have an aerial photo of Alexandria, Minnesota, USA's downtown area and fading into the distance the first couple lakes in the "Chain of Lakes" (they all interconnect, one leading into another) can be seen. The one nearest town is Lake Agnes to it's northeast you can see a liitle bit of Lake Darling. At the top center of the picture is Lake Carlos, fading to the horizon, and the lake to the west-southwest of that is Lake L'Homme Dieu. Way waaaay in the distance, along the northeast horizon of the picture is Lake Ida (not part of the chain). The rest of the chain fans out to the east and west of town. Carlos is sorta' the peak of the chain.

      Here is the great Big Ole (Oh-Lee, not o-LAY), a 35 ft (10m) statue of a viking to commemorate the Kennsington Runestone and the other Viking artifacts that have been found in the area (all controversial). His shield prodly proclaims "Alexandria, Birthplace of America"

      And that's really about it. I think Big Ole says all you may need to know about this sad sad little town...

      ...ugh...I gotta' get outta' here! *lol*
      "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
      --Thomas a Kempis


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        I live in a small city just in the middle of Sonora Desert. Quite hot in summer, but still a very beautiful city.

        Oh, and this is what I love the most: fire-like sunsets!! This is the color they have in summer. In winter, sunsets are pink and violet.
        Sweet moons!


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          I live in a quaint town called Royal Oak, MI. I'll link to some pix on the site.


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            Wasn't there a reality show where they
            blindfolded the contestants and then
            placed them somewhere in the world
            unknown to them, and then they
            had to find their way?

            This thread might be able to help them
            once it gets long enough.

            \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
            Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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              I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I don't have any pictures to post, but here's a link for anyone who is curious.


              My husband and I live about ten miles from the oceanfront. It's a nice, clean city with lots to do and lots of great restaurants.


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                Seattle, baby!

                "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
                --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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                  Cool drawing.

                  I would love to try that. Be dropped off somewhere in North America (so I don't have to swim or take a boat/plane) and have to find my way home.


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                    I live in Cleveland-the epitome of a city with a complex about not being Chicago or New York. It's simply the best place in the world to raise a family-low crime, fantasic schools and universities. And about the best place in the world to be if you get Cancer. There's not a DAMN thing to do if you're under 30 and not a student or parent.



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                      I used to live in New Orleans. The most beautiful city on the planet.
                      I will go back one day.


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                        How I'd love to see New Orleans one day! Very enticing.
                        Google ergo sum


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                          Originally posted by EverKing
                          Here is the great Big Ole (Oh-Lee, not o-LAY), a 35 ft (10m) statue of a viking to commemorate the Kennsington Runestone and the other Viking artifacts that have been found in the area (all controversial). His shield prodly proclaims "Alexandria, Birthplace of America"
                          I remember Big Ole from my school days! We were watching an educational movie (I'm not sure if we were supposed to learn about the Vikings or North America) and there he was. Your home town has made it big in the Scandinavian educational movie industry. Congratulations...
                          You can't spell "politically correct" without "correct".


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                            mysterious stranger

                            So, LEtranger won't give out any better clues than some pics of his horse.
                            Anyone else got any ideas?
                            Had a cousin in Italy and wants to go to Toscana...
                            No plates visible on the cars...
                            Difficult local dialect - hmmmm. Rural France? Southern Germany?

                            I've naught to hide.
                   and click "where"


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                              I live in Brighton, United Kingdom.

                              I don't have any pictures so here is the Brighton Website instead.