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I love Suzi! Er...Sushi!

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    Originally posted by Bill
    Primus sucks.
    I agree with you, Bill, just so you know. 8O I would hate for anyone to mistakingly think I like that band... saw them at a festival show at Portland Meadows (I was there to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse) and my oh my did they stink.
    "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
    --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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      I've seen them twice, and once they were horrible and once they were actually pretty damn good (but I was in the second row and was jazzed up to see the headliner, Rush).

      But their website is/was "" and the fans will typically chant that at their shows as a term of endearment. And Les Claypool, the singer, will often introduce the band by saying "Hi, we're Primus, and we suck."

      If given the choice, though, I would rather see NY and Crazy Horse than Primus.


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        I admire them for being able to laugh at themselves, but I still think they suck. Les can work that bass, though.

        And now that you mention it, I saw them at a Rush show here in Seattle, as well. Only caught the last couple songs as we were a bit late getting to the show. I'm pretty sure they sucked then, too, though.

        Rush, however, was GODLIKE!
        "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
        --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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          LMFAO! :lol: at the continuing third nipple roast.

          Primus sucks for sure after Pork Soda, but sucked in
          a good way at first when they had the drummer, Tim Alexander--
          Neil Pert disciple.

          Ok. on naked sushi...

          Well if I'm gonna be eating food off of some
          mannequinesque bitch, she better be damn
          good looking! No less than an 8-- Jennifer Aniston-type.

          I'd probably tell bad jokes to see if I could get the
          platter-girl to laugh.

          I don't know about you, but I'd have a hard time
          picking food off of an Alanis Morrisette-type.
          And she's not even fat!
          How about a Liza Minelli Sushi Platter?

          I'd screw up the party for sure, throwing up on
          the platter!
          Jer-- teary eyed-- wiping the green-shit from his
          mouth says, "Aw! Sorry, man. Hey. Check it out. It doesn't
          look much different... look there's still some good
          pieces over there!" (well, if her toe-jam didn't get mixed in with it)
          \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
          Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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            "Rush, however, was GODLIKE!"

            You got that right. Neil Peart is not of this earth.