My son who is autistic has been fascinated by the attack on the World Trade Center. He is just now starting to understand the tragedy of what happened. He never really understood that people died that day (much less the concept of death). He just likes buildings and big cities. One of the most endearing things about Dylan (age 9) is his innocence (much like many of the mentally handicapped) - there is a certain wisdom in it.

Anyway, he is always finding websites about 9/11 and he came across one that had alot of images, chilling audio from flight attendants, and a editorial from a Canadian broadcaster that I thought was interesting. The editorial speaks well of the Americans, which for me is nice to hear, since some people from other countries don't seem to have many nice things to say about us (of course this reporter may be an idiot :lol: ).

I know Bush has done alot of damage to our reputation in the world, but I have seen anti-Americanism well before he came around. Our gov't can be capable of awful things (as all are) but most comments I have heard aren't about the US gov't, they are about Americans. At least their is one person in the world that understands that Americans as a people are ok. I can think of a dozen gov'ts in this world that do some bad things but have wonderful people (I am sure most of you hear think the same and I am probably "preaching to the choir" as they say).

Here's the link. Check out the audio, it is disturbing knowing what is happening when they don't.

- there are many facts presented in the broadcaster's piece which I haven't checked out so some may disagree and some may claim there are ulterior motives for the Americans to do anything. I just thought the site had some good content - although it could use a facelift.