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Dreams:JourneyToMorpheus'sRealm or Somethng U do or you die?

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  • Dreams:JourneyToMorpheus'sRealm or Somethng U do or you die?

    One of the Q&A threads has lead me to a potentially interesting discussion about dreams. Here's the info. that lead me to this:

    Michael Moorcock:

    Although I'll be doing SOME work, I intend to take a break in Europe this summer which might even last through to November! It's been a long time since I had a holiday. But before that I have the last Elric book to finish and also the final Elric script in the graphic novel. Plus one or two other things. It will be a welcome holiday.

    I heard that Michaelangelo took 15 minute naps. I try to do the same. Sometimes I have 5 minute naps. For me they range from only a few minutes to half an hour. "Power naps!" I don't have that problem with feeling worse after such a short slumber. It's amazing how much I can feel refreshed afterwards. Even if I don't go unconscious, just laying down and getting more blood to my brain helps!

    I heard that there's a pretty good biography on Michaelangelo, called
    "The Agony and the Ecstasy" I believe?
    Anyone read it?

    Von Weiner:

    Maybe it will similar to that movie Being There (I think that's the movie title). You'll be so tired, that you'll write gibberish and your publisher will exclaim, "Wow Michael! This is really fresh stuff! A whole new approach. I mean, the way the man is at the gas station in New Mexico, then suddenly he's talking to a monkey while eating a muffin in Istanbul, wow!"

    Michael says, "What the hell did I write? Istanbul?!"
    Michael Moorcock:

    I'm not sure how old Michelangelo was when he died, but a friend of mine used that method and died at 58! The getting high on tiredness method also worked for me when I was younger, but these days I have to get high on the material or not at all. Being There was a Jerczy Kosinski book, as I recall. Sounds like a good Slavic joke to me.
    Some of my earlier stuff was virtually written as you describe. All you need is the right frame for the book and it works a treat. I suspect Phil Dick found it worked for him when he was speeding faster than an express train and letting the books write him. Which is how it feels when you write really fast. The fastest books I've written (Kane novels in two days a piece) really felt like that and I got this peculiar hallucinogenic
    high on tiredness and the images I was using. I've also had very complex 'visions' when very tired -- heavenly choirs of angels coming down from the clouds when I was out in the Yorkshire Dales. I always knew it was because I hadn't had enough sleep, not because I'd been picked by the Lord to spread his message... Anyone seen Calendar Girls yet. There's some very nice shots of where we used to live in
    Yorkshire. Made me feel homesick.
    I believe Michaelangelo was in his late 80's before he expired. I will add that the 15 minute power naps is what I do during the day, but at night-- I usually get at least 4 or 5 hours of sleep. On infrequent occasions I sleep for only a couple of hours-- perhaps I'm on a good writing groove, the muse prodding me-- and then power naps become essential! If I go a whole day without sleep, then my body will 'shut down' at some point and I will sleep for 7 or more hours (which is infrequent) and it doesn't matter where it is. Put me inside a crate and mail it off, I'll sleep.

    Something rare for me is remembering dreams. Billy Joel claims he gets his musical ideas from dreams, and what he comes up with is never as beautiful as that in the dreamworld. In contrast, my dreams are always trivial in content, and can be related to some dilemma in real life. I actually remembered some of what I dreamed last night. My cat was in some sort of trouble and I worred about him (he recently had to have surgery for a bite wound from his battle with the neighborhood nocturnal forager-- the skunk), then I woke up with him sleeping beside me.
    I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep more when I'm older. And not as worried about where I am in life and so more content and relaxed. ::crossing fingers::

    So everyone, what are dreams like for you? (This might be interesting)
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    Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview

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    Oooh, good topic!

    As I mentioned on my questionnaire, I do try to keep a dream journal. I
    read somewhere that if you tell yourself before you go to sleep that you want to remember a dream, you will... although personally I haven't tried that myself. I do often remember my dreams, and I try to write them down as fully as possible. This is supposed to be a good creative exercise in itself, although usually my dreams don't make nearly enough sense to be of any use in my writing (especially if they involve naughty touching and various members of the 'Buffy' cast). Although the dreams are often non-sensical in themselves, and inconsistent, there does seem a recurring landscape of sorts. Basically dream-versions of places I know well. They're very different from the real places, but often seems the same between dreams. I always enjoy that for some reason.

    My favourite dreams are the ones where I'm in love and happy and I wake up still in love and still happy. It isn't "real" of course, but it is fun and it brightens up the morning no end.

    In reference to you topic title, I have to say that some of my most vivid and enjoyable dreams have always come when I've read a story from 'The Sandman' just before I got to sleep. Conicidence perhaps, but I tip my hat to the Dream King anyway.


    PS. Okay, there's some psychology-type reading this and marking a big black cross next to my name isn't there? "This one seems suitable for the programme. Prepare the lab...."
    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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      Some people have recurring dreams.
      I once knew this interesting chap named Will
      who had a recurring nightmare of being killed.
      If I remember correctly the dreams always
      ended when he was killed.
      For example, he would have a dream that
      he was having a casual conversation with some
      guys, and then all of a sudden one of them pulls
      out a gun and shoots him in the head. What violent
      dreams this kid had!

      I remember having a dream where I was some kind
      of cop or detective rather, since I had no policeman's uniform
      on. I was standing outside and to the side of a door, gun raised.
      I turned and kicked the door in and was then riddled with bullets,
      but I didn't die. I don't remember what happened next. But I
      remember that getting hit with bullets didn't kill me.
      That's one of my more exciting dreams. My dreams which i rarely
      remember are mostly boring.

      When you learn to control your dreams, that is called lucid dreaming.
      \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
      Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


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        Deecrow! 8O


        I have a theory... *Stares at Deecrow, daring him to burst into song* that although dreams are often merely innocuous filings away of subconscious and othersuch, they can act as conduits for certain forms of telepathy.
        For example, when I was about twelve or thirteen, I had a particularly vivid dream in which the main object of interest was a bracelet with squares of coral. I though nothing of it until, about three days later, my grandmother returned from her holiday in the tropics and gave me the exact same bracelet. I was creeped for weeks afterwards, the dream had been so vivid and I had had no contact with my grandmother prior to her buying the bracelet...


        I also have a recurring dream about trying to claw my way out of a well when there's a slimy thing in the bottom that wants to grab me and pull me back, but that's another story.

        And as I was talking about coincidences anyway, I just bought 'The Dream Hunters' by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano, part of the Sandman series. The pictures are incredible.

        Hat! *Prepares the labs*



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          I only remember about half of my dreams...and most of those are either extremely bizzare or end up being those strange deja vu dreams. Unlike most people who only remember the dream when it is actually happening, I usually remember the dream before it happens. And mine don't last for a few seconds like most peoples...mine have lasted for hours before. It is very very annoying. I know everything that is about it happen, but I still have to go through all the motions as though I don't know. It's like becoming a spectator of my own life instead of an active participant.

          I can back this up too...I've told people weeks in advance about a conversation that will occur or something that will happen. The freakiest was 9/11. I dreamed about it six or seven months earlier and told my roomates that I had a dream where I was at work, but working at a place I didn't know, and was watching the news because some terrorits flew a couple jumbo-jets into the WTC. Then I didn't think about it again...until it happened. That one still gives me the chills.

          Other than those dreams though, the only ones I regularly remember are the few nightmares I've had (only two actually, though one was a re-occuring dream) or the bizzare. One a had a few nights ago was just a dream of a woman of east-asian origin standing in front me smiling an evil little grin. That was it. She just stood there smiling for about 20 minutes, then the dream ended.
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          --Thomas a Kempis


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            Dreams are cool. :)

            I have dreams that involve me running away from something. I guess they're like nightmares, but I never know what im running from and I always have a stitch so it hurts to run and it feels like they go on forevverrrrr...

            I was in Art (odd, considering I dont do that) and Benn was sat next to me and her and her friend were sat opposite. Anyways, I said "how was the holiday?" and she told me, but then the conversation moved onto Valentines and she said she sent cards out to people willy-nilly, and implied that my card was off her and she meant it as a joke. And I was like "noooooo", as you do, eh? But she was so beautiful in the dream. So anyways, after that, I was in a corridor and really angry because there were lots of chavs and I had a heartache, so I was like "grr! outta my way, foo" and I barged into some that were gonna do it to me, and they chased me to the sixth form computer room and were outside being mad. But then someone talked to me and gave me their computer, and i said hurrah.
            Thats from my journal, and is the last dream I had (3 nights ago now). I tend to have dreams where I recognise the surroundings but they're different somehow. Like one where I was in my house, but it was on a different road and the area was a little different. Quite a lot either involve me trying to seduce someone I like, or they have monsters in them. One time I had a dream where I had to creep into a building to save my friends, but got noticed and then escaped on a bike whilst being chased by goblins on quadbikes. :? All in all though, my dreams are quite light hearted and nice. Especially those ones that feel real.

            Does anyone else have the dreams where you wake up and kinda go "argh" because you got hit by a truck or something? They're really scary, but fun to think about how silly you must have looked.


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              My respect to all the psychics out there! I'm not sure I've ever had a premonition dream before, but I do believe it's possible to see patterns in coincidence and synchronicity.

              Originally posted by Wikey
              Does anyone else have the dreams where you wake up and kinda go "argh" because you got hit by a truck or something? They're really scary, but fun to think about how silly you must have looked.
              I can only remember a single dream where I've actually died at the end. I was in a car my Dad was driving and we were on a cliff-top road. On one side of the road was a high wall, and on the other was the deep blue sea. The road started to get narrower and narrower until the we drove off the edge and fell through the air. I remember it being the most peaceful calm I've ever felt.


              Okay, I think I can see a guy with a big net at the door, so I'd better go. Just remember: There's nothing we can't face... except for bunnies.

              "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                The field of psychology has different theories for dreaming:

                1. physiological and cognitive psych-- It is meaningless-- dreams are a result of random neuronal activity in older (from an evolutionary standpoint) parts of the brain (ie. the pons), travelling up to the newer parts (cerebral cortex) stimulating those areas. This explains the bizarre and nonsensical nature of dreams.

                2. psychodynamic (ie. Freud or Jung)-- dreams have underlying meanings reflecting our subconscious. There is the obvious/ surface message-- called the manifest content-- and the hidden message or latent content.
                examples of manifest = latent content:
                snake, umbrella, or dagger = penis; tunnel, portal, or cave = vagina; house = human body.
                example of dream that would easily fit into psychodynamic/ Freudian theory: "You jump into the swimming pool naked, and there is a beautiful girl sitting at the opposite end. You swim towards her. As you do you begin to swim faster, and faster, and FASTER. Suddenly the rocket launches and there are explosions like fireworks!" Hmmm... I wonder what that dream was about? :lol:

                3. Dreams as problem solving-- the symbols and metaphors in dreams convey the dream's true meaning. Dreams reflect problems we are dealing with in our everyday, awake, conscious life. According to psychologist Rosalind Cartwright, dreams give us an uninterrupted opportunity to deal with particularly emotional issues, even if we forget the dreams later. When we are relatively free of problems, we may simply use dreams to excercise our creativity, but during crisis, our dream machinery goes in to high gear, and emotional concerns activate certain images in memory.
                [my dreams seem to fall into this category; the ones that I mostly remember, which is few, and rather boring. While at university, when I would have an upcoming exam, I would have dreams such as... going to the class and I have no pencil, or going to the class and all the seats are filled; nowhere to sit. :: I know. I have more "exciting" dreams, but that's to share perhaps later?... ]

                4. Dreams as information processing... in short, our cognitive mind is very busy during our awake/ conscious lives and attains new information constantly. Our brains need rest (sleep and dreaming) in order to process all the new info-- perhaps saving some as long term memories or throwing out other info. [I can't recall if this is an accurate definition-- I don't feel like cracking open a text book right now. I will check this later. Additionally, there's evidence that lack of sleep will result in death. ]

                That's my psych lesson for the day! take it or leave it!

                Last night I dreamed I met Michael M! He was very nice and pleasant and looked just like the pic in this site's header. He was tall, about six feet or taller. [Does that match reality? :?: ]
                I think this dream happened because I read the "Thanks From San Antonio" thread-- those lucky buggers! Oh well, if I had paid attention at the time, I could have met Mike in San Diego in 1997 at the Comic Con. I can barely recall my life back then so much change and growth in such little time really.
                I think that dream falls into the dreams as problem solving because it reflects my desire (dilemma) of one day meeting our writer icon!
                The End.
                (I'm going now. I must vote before they close!)
                \"Bush\'s army of barmy bigots is the worst thing that\'s happened to the US in some years...\"
                Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview