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Moving, and moving again...

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  • Moving, and moving again...

    In case anyone cares...

    Moving stinks. We sold our house last month and moved into a temporary place, about half the size of our house.

    I'm not good at purging--I'm far better at accumulating, but many things have to go when you lose four walk-in closets and two built-in bookshelves. Yes, I even purged books.

    Then I had to move my office of six and a half years, as my department moved into a new building. More purging.

    It has taken a month to feel settled again, get reliable internet service, do some little repairs, and take care of all the little things that come with selling a house (without an agent), moving twice, and taking care of holiday stuff.

    Anyone life to share moving horror stories?

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    Yes, I even purged books.

    What's more fun than moving and getting rid of unused stuff ? Shredding!!!!!!!!! husband saves every bit of paper you can think of so I bought him a heavy duty shredder. I am the happiest woman alive I HAVE MY CABINETS AND CLOSETS BACK, WHAT'S MORE I CAN SIT ON THE LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE COUCH AGAIN! I can even use the end table while sitting there, whoa this is too much for a gal to handle SWOON


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      Good to have you back, Doc.

      I worked as a removal man for a few months, so you don't want to hear my horror stories.
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        Moving from Paris to Lille, i had to choos beetwen my RPG and board game collection, my comics ( french style ) and my SF/Fantasy collection of 4000 thousands books and magazines ......


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          Thanks for the welcome, Guv! You're right, I probably don't want to hear your stories, although I'm sure they are interesting (and painful).

          Morgan, you win the most painful move. Such dilemmas...

          I-S, the only thing that made purging the books palatable is that the people at Goodwill told me repeatedly that I was doing a good thing. Apparently they do not often get a boatload of books in good shape. That made it worth it. I think.


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            Originally posted by Morgan Kane
            Moving from Paris to Lille, i had to choos beetwen my RPG and board game collection, my comics ( french style ) and my SF/Fantasy collection of 4000 thousands books and magazines ......

            You forgot to say what you had to choose all those things over! Your wife? Children? Dog?

            Enquiring minds want to know.
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            _For another eternity Allard swam through seas without end, all green and cool and deep, where distorted creatures drifted, sometimes attacking him.
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            _He was supremely powerful. He told planets to destroy themselves, and they did. He created suns. Beautiful women flocked to be his. Of all men, he was the mightiest. Of all gods, he was the greatest."


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              I had to choose beetwen many things because i left a 75 m² flat occupied alone to live in a 90 m² flat occupied by my wife and daughter ...... and that my three collections had to be reduced from three rooms to one .

              my problem was that in any case, i had to drop a big part of my book collection ...
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                Last time we moved, most of our books went onto my father-in-law's shelf and we distributed many other belongings to anyone who could make use of them.


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                  Here's an old saying along the lines that moving thrice is like being burned out once.
                  In fact I have moved thirteen times, if I haven't forgotten anything, in my life, including 3 times to other countries and even overseas.

                  Yet I always discovered long missing stuff resurfacing during the packing action and that's often quite amusing. I also enjoy helping friends during moving. There's usually an optimistic spirit afloat and the exhaustion at the end of the day is gratifying, together with friends and/or family, somebody cooking for everybody and good talks.
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                  Google ergo sum


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                    I exhausted my friends' good spirits when they helped me move a 5'x8' solid ash bookcase uphill. Dinner did not seem to be enough pay... Despite that, as L'Etranger points out, there was a great deal of optimism at the end of it. Of course my friends did not help us unpack, which is a different story all together.

                    On the discovery of things...
                    I found things that had remained packed from two moves ago, which I thought were long lost. However, I still have not found a box of laundry supplies and a socket set from my last move.

                    Etive, of course you have the right idea. Re-distribution is a great thing. It seems far more generous than re-gifting. Seriously though, we wound up giving things to friends who will use and enjoy them far more than we did. That also eased much of my guilt related to the bruises and sore muscles they got from helping me move.