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Elric- fan videos on You Tube

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  • lemec
    Eternal Champion
    • Jul 2005
    • 5317

    Elric- fan videos on You Tube


    I'm not sure if these videos were scene or not on here,

    but,I thought I's post the links in case these are different.

    "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
    - Michael Moorcock
  • Hawksun
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Apr 2005
    • 176

    I've seen those before - the first one I think was a link from this forum, but I found the second doing a search for Michael Moorcock on Youtube itself. It's certainly very interesting; does anyone know which album VPW is on? As for the first, anyone got any ideas where it's from?


    • cuchlann
      Moonbeam Traveller
      • Feb 2005
      • 3

      "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" is on the album Fire of Unknown Origin. Here's a link to its page on Amazon:

      It's a very good album -- one of the first BضC albums I ever bought, in fact.


      • Hawksun
        Denizen of Moo Uria
        • Apr 2005
        • 176



        • Hieronymus
          Angelic Painter
          • Mar 2004
          • 712

          And Solomon Kane:

          But I suggest you this one about "Batman":

          ( it's too much funny )

          - Dalmatius -

          "I'm forbidden to reign, but I'll never yield before the facts: I am the Cat"


          • Ulrik Skarsol
            Nomad of the Time Streams
            • Sep 2006
            • 26

            Awesome fanvideos, I´ve already seen that batman but the Solomon Kane video was one of the best fanmovies i´ve seen in my life and also the best Howard´s adaptation,