This looks interesting and I know there are many here interested in dirigibles...
Next on NOVA: "Wings of Madness"

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 at 8PM ET/PT on PBS
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In the early 1900s, the most acclaimed celebrity in Europe, and
arguably the world, was a fashionable, frail, Brazilian-born aviator
named Alberto Santos-Dumont. The first to fly an airplane in Europe,
Santos also built and flew the first practical dirigibles, or
powered balloons. At a time when most balloons were at the mercy of
the wind and many still thought the airplane an impossibility,
Santos's bold exploits sparked a sensation. He was the spiritual
father of aviation, and at the same time, a flying P.T. Barnum,
intrepidly demonstrating his incredible flying machines in Paris,
London, New York, and St. Louis. NOVA brings to life the
little-known story of one of the world's great aviation pioneers
in "Wings of Madness."

Here's what you'll find online:

My First Balloon Ascent
Santos recalls his initial exhilarating experience among
the clouds.

Tale of the Damselfly
Santos's most successful plane still inspires aircraft designers
and buffs today.

Tour the Demoiselle
In this audio slide show, explore a replica of a 1909
Demoiselle #20.

Radical Designs
View influential planes of Santos's era as well as a few odd
designs that never quite made it.

Also, a podcast, Links & Books, the program transcript, the
teacher's guide, and more.