Eventually I expect we'll have to move this thread to the comics forum, but I'll start it off here.

I very much enjoyed Alan Moore's V for Vendetta (book and movie) recently and long ago I read The Watchmen. I took interest in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but because I was starting in the middle of the story decided to wait until the graphic novels were available and recently picked up the first volume. I read V after I saw the movie and realized it was a lucky thing. I saw parts of the LOEOG movie before reading the comic and I have decided to research the comic before reading it. WAR AMONGST THE ANGELS was full of references that I don't really get, so I thought I'd begin with the LOEOG comic to develop a research method before pursuing WATA research. I'd like to be more familiar with the back stories and research, so I can savor the density of the storytelling.

So I began my research of LOEOG with none other than the front cover:

The first image in the upper left hand corner brings nothing up when I search for "The Steel Giant" that seems relevant, so I moved to the next image on the right "Sapathwa". Sapathwa or The Blue Dwarf was an apparent sidekick to Dick Turpin, an aristocratic outcast due to his uncomely appearance. I immeadiately think of Elric, but also Jermays the Crooked.

My research of Dick Turpin reveals that he was a real person, highly fictionalized, documented in biography. But my search hasn't revealed books that contain him as a main or secondary character. To the question at hand: where can I read of Dick Turpin's adventures so that I can better appreciate that character?

Odd that the first two inches of my research would lead back to WAR AMONGST THE ANGELS, one of your most stimulating narratives.