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One small victory for free speach in Turkey

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  • Rothgo
    Champion of the Unbalanced
    • Aug 2006
    • 6635

    One small victory for free speach in Turkey

    A court in Turkey has dismissed a case brought against a prominent Turkish author.
    In this case the author had mentioned the Armenian genocide; Turkey still claims it "never happened" and as such wanted to jail her for having mentioned it.
    While her acquittal is clearly a good thing, there is some worry that the victory was brought about more by EU political pressure than by innate justice of the courts. The next poor soul who falls foul of this law that doesn't have the same international prestige may find the courts suddenly less enlightened.
  • Doc
    Eternal Champion
    • Jan 2004
    • 3630

    Interesting, Rothgo. While I agree with you that we should not be overly optimistic here, I'll take a small victory for justice when we can get one!


    • Heiron
      Pawn of multiverse
      • Jun 2006
      • 374

      I think that many will benefit from more freedom in Turkey.First of all the Turkish people of course.But It seems the military officials have still great power over there and they are not willing to tolerate certain stuff.
      It's one thing to say the armenian genocide never happened and quite another to imprison whoever dares to say it did happen.And as in more democratic countries freedom of speach is losing ground,if there is a tiny victory in Turkey the tide may change some day.